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Comprehensive CAD design services from The CAD Room, Stockport

Press Release: March 11, 2016

London, UK, 7 February 2016 - if you are a developer operating in and around the UK you will need access to high quality CAD drawings and CAD services to speed up your construction projects. As an architect helping various clients in designing buildings, you may require the services of an expert CAD designer to give shape to your building ideas. The CAD Room offer high quality CAD design services and are able to undertake outsourced CAD work, starting from a simple sketch to a 3D CAD drawings project.
The CAD Room, based in Stockport but working on projects all over the UK and beyond offer a client oriented service, with flexibility and high levels of communication at the core of what they do, they are able to meet the demands of their clients, offering a range of cutting edge CAD design services, as well as being one of the leading lights in the UK in terms of BIM compliance, they can offer your project a flexible bespoke solution, tailor made to meet your needs.
With the new mandate to integrate BIM in all large construction work, the CAD design services offered by The CAD Room would prove to be the answer to your BIM problems. With their wealth of knowledge, latest technology on tap and their team of experts. BIM compliant plans allow everyone concerned with the building process to function with accuracy and speed. The new technology supplies rich detail and information for project users and helps toreduce costs and allows the building to be properly managed in the long term.
For many construction companiesthe BIM process may prove to be problematic for them to integrate effectively with their existing systems, with the help of a BIM Manager or by outsourcing the BIM work, this can be mitigated. By outsourcing the work to a firm offering BIM and CAD design services you can save time, money and labour, contact The CAD Room today to discuss your BIM and CAD requirements.
Visit the website http://thecadroom.com/ for get more information on their BIM and CAD design services.
About Us
The CAD Room is one of the leading BIM companies and CAD design services providers in the UK, offering a range of different CAD services, offering 2D and 3D CAD designs. With offices in the UK and UAE, The CAD Room offer unrivalled expertise in the delivery of global BIM Compliance and BIM services. For more information about what The CAD Room can offer you, visit their website www.thecadroom.co.uk

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