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Compass Water Releases New Minimax M2 Water Softener

Press Release: March 05, 2018

Compass Water Releases New Minimax M2 Water Softener

The Minimax M2 Water Softener is designed to solve all hard water problems, and no other company
knows it better than Compass Water Softeners, which hails out of Reading, Berkshire, England, and who
has recently launched the new Minimax M2.

“The new Minimax was created with the sole intention of make hard water softer,” said a Compass Water
Softeners spokesperson, who made the announcement. “In short, the water softener strips out all the
bad, leaving you with the good.”

Water softeners are generally used to remove minerals in hard water that cause limescale and lead. They
are also known to effectively address a variety of problems to include dry skin and hair.

As the latest development in water softening technology, the new Minimax M2 was engineered in the UK
by Harvey Water Softeners. It was also designed to work with all British plumbing systems and can handle
the requirements of all family size.
The Minimax M2 Harvey softeners come with a 10-year guarantee on parts and would redound to the
benefit of for person living in hard water areas.

“For those who generally don’t realise just how much the effects of hard water have on their lives, from
increased time spent cleaning, to rougher and less lustrous skin and hair, not to mention higher bills,
people using water softener technology often see the immediate benefits,” said the spokesperson, who
often had to explain the difference between hard and soft water.

In the UK, both hard water and soft water can be found everywhere. In its natural form, explains the
spokesperson, rainwater is completely soft, but when it hits the ground it absorbs the minerals, which
turns it into hard water.

“In hard water areas the ground is typically a composition of chalk and magnesium, which is very easily
absorbed. By contrast, in soft water areas the earth is typically hard stone, such as granite. Find out more
about the different hard and soft areas of the UK,” explained the spokesperson.
With the introduction of water softening technology, the problem can now be easily resolved by returning
hard water back into its original softer form. And while there are many water softening products are on
the market, the new Minimax M2 water softeners in Reading from Compass Water Softeners is the latest
development in this technology.

Compass Water Softeners, was established some 20 years ago by husband and wife owners, Martin and
Lisa Perrin. Professionally qualified as a plumber, Martin specialises in water softeners and has 20 years’
experience. So far, he has installed more than 3000 water softeners in Reading and beyond, both domestic
and commercial, as well as, servicing and upgrading existing machines. In addition, Compass Water
Softeners also has the capacity to provide customers with all their salt requirements. The company is in
Reading, which is central to the Thames Valley, and serves the Berkshire and all surrounding counties.

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