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Compare Car Insurance - Most Bizarre Policy Claims

Press Release: February 23, 2010

Taxi Cab Sensible driver opts to book a taxi to avoid driving in the snow and ice. However, the taxi arrives and is unable to slow down ramming into the vehicle that the driver had been trying to avoid using!

Horses for Courses Driver steering innocently down a quiet country road when a horse bolts through the hedge and lands on the bonnet of his vehicle!

Lightning Doesnt Strike Twice One Admiral car insurance customer reported that his car had been damaged by a tree damaged by lightning that landed on his car seconds after leaving the vehicle in a storm!

Incy Wincy Spider While many eight-legged creepy crawlies do enough to provide moments of fear in the home, there are very few that cause such mayhem as this little creature. A spider landing on a womans steering wheel caused her to veer off into a third party vehicle damn phobias!

Dogs Dinner A petrified AA car insurance customer returned to find their dog and their vehicle had taken off without them whilst shopping. The dog had somehow managed to put the vehicle into gear with its leash and consequently rolled down a large hill into a row of parked cars!

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