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Company Name Change from Robifirli Store to Firli.id

Press Release: March 02, 2020

Robifirli Store is the first name that the company gives to a Facebook online store. Robifirli means the forgiveness of God and can be interpreted that in each of the company's commercial activities to consumers is carried out full of religious values ​​in a trustworthy manner, the company hope is to get God's forgiveness.

The company also adjusts the name Robifirli Store to the products being sold, which are specifically for Muslim women / Muslim consumers.

But over time, due to the rapid changes in the digital world and the company wanted to participate in the transformation, the company finally decided to change its name from Robifirli Store to Firli.id on February 21, 2020.

The name Firli.id has a meaning not far from the previous understanding, Firli means forgiveness of God and (dot) ID is a naming that is familiar with the digital world. After changing the company name, the company also made a new, more elegant logo change and the launch of a new website, www.firli.id

Hopefully the name change to Firli.id can be well received by the public and get His blessing so that the company can thrive and succeed.

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