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Company boss says forget diets, Work for us!

Press Release: February 08, 2010

Leaflet distribution company boss Lee Bandoni, has called time on Scotlands fat, unhealthy reputation and launched the UKs no diet weight loss program.

Letterbox Unlimited is one of Scotlands fastest growing door to door marketing companies, delivering millions of leaflets across Scotland every year. The company based in Glasgow may have be expanding at a massive rate but the staffs waistlines are doing the opposite with each staff member reporting improved fitness and less bulge!

The company has now launched a work drive aimed directly at Scotlands growing population of couch potatoes which in marketing directors Tom Cairns own words may save a few lives. The people of Scotland are being let down by the government and it seems people are getting fatter and fatter with nowhere to turn. Our positive attitude to health and fitness at work coupled with our daily distribution drop will turn people from slobs to athletes all whilst earning a few bob

Staff at Letterbox Unlimited are also encouraged to eat healthily and are given a daily booster pack full of fresh fruit and vitamin water. Lee Commented Our door to door distributers are out hail, rain and shine so they need to keep fit and healthy at all times. I introduced the booster pack last year and the staff really appreciate it.

To learn more about this amazing opportunity that could change your life in amazing ways then visit the company website at www.letterboxunlimited.co.uk

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