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Commuters Could Be the Key To Stronger Local Communities

Press Release: December 21, 2009

For every commuter who whiles away the travel time gazing out the window, there are likely a number of others within a few seats radius of buses and coaches, or in the queues on the road networks who may also live within a few blocks of them. By creating a platform to facilitate networking and communication pathways between commuters, CommuteCompanion could be the key to building stronger communities. Such increased interaction will engage more commuters within the local boroughs across the UK to participate in local community initiatives and collectively influence the future of their area, and contribute positively to the local economy and society.

In the United Kingdom an extensive public transport system connects both rural and urban areas, helping countless people get from point A to point B each day. A majority of the people sharing these services are neighbours, yet all too often, they simply never get talking or have an opportunity to connect with each other in most instances. Likewise, many cars with just one occupant are heading in the same direction each day, contributing to congestion and increasing air pollution. Many drivers would be more than willing to do their bit for the environment (and reduce their fuel costs), but simply don't have enough choices to make between people going in their direction.

CommuteCompanion will help all commuters on the roads and in public transport get to know fellow travellers or start car pooling. The added bonus of this is that it provides members of local communities and opportunity to reconnect with each other. Engaging with other people on local transport and other people driving from the same origin creates an opportunity for increased interaction between commuters from the same local community.

In creating a site that makes these connections, CommuteCompanion hopes to provide users with opportunities to make better informed choices about commuting through the people they will connect with in their neighbourhood. One example may be that commuters who have a long way to travel in the same direction for work may opt to become flatmates and find a place to share that is closer to their work. There are countless ways in which this site can support users to make informed commuting decision and open up new opportunities.

Another upshot for those commuters who are becoming acquainted with their neighbours is that the help and support that is available goes beyond the daily commute. As meaningful and non-virtual links are established in the community, people are able to extend the commuter connection to share a cab, help each other out with a lift when needed and even organise and plan school runs. As commuters cease to be nameless strangers, the strength of the community has a chance to redevelop.

CommuteCompanion hopes that this growing sense of community will encourage commuters to also become more involved and engaged in the management of public transport and road networks. Through a unique functionality that facilitates the sampling of UK Commuters expressions across the UK, the site could also become influential in placing commuters' needs at the heart of positive UK Transport Policy debate.

The vision of CommuteCompanion is "to connect commuters within the local communities", and provide a fun way of sharing commute experiences and creating a gateway for local networking exclusively for UK Commuters. The use of the innovative platform requires just a simple, free registration. Once a part of this dynamic online community, users have free access to other commuters in their neighbourhood who are also willing to interact and engage in local community affairs, including information on commuter perspectives on a range of topics.

Another aspiration of commutecompanion.com is to be instrumental in harnessing the opinions of commuters across the UK to inform individuals considering relocation about rail connections, travel routes and car pooling opportunities within the area they intend to relocate to. Via the site, the user will get an indicator of areas where commuters experience greater and lesser difficulties as commuters and hopefully also find direct answers to specific questions they may have about commuting in the areas.

Local businesses looking for a better way to target an appropriate audience can reach a more targeted group with CommuteCompanion. Advertising on the site is available to help local shops and services who cannot afford costly options like radio, newspapers and TV. This is a site where they can promote their services to a targeted community of commuters 24/7 and not only when commuters travel during the day. This opportunity is ideal for local sandwich shops, car workshops, gyms and restaurants including other local services - so they can confidently promote to people with confidence that the message is targeting an ideal audience, guaranteeing a good ROI for their advertising costs. To find out more about the many different services that this site offers or to register and get involved - visit www.commutecompanion.com or contact us at info@commutecompanion.com.

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