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Common restaurant outdoor promotion mistakes you should avoid today

Press Release: July 21, 2020

To create good marketing actions it is essential to put ourselves in our client's shoes: today we are looking for a new restaurant, which one should we choose? Often, a menu or a promotion on a menu stand or board is the key that leads us to choose a restaurant. In the hotel and catering industry, the product usually gets almost all our attention: the food, the drinks, the design of the premises... All these elements are essential for our customers to come back. At the same time, many restaurants fail to take advantage of the potential of their outdoor promotions to attract and increase customer satisfaction. Whether due to lack of knowledge or lack of time, at Jansen Display we often see that many businesses tend to replicate the strategies and promotions of other restaurants ignoring that some of them may be misguided and even counterproductive. What are these mistakes? Below we highlight some of the most common ones:

Missing the opportunity

The most serious mistake is simply to waste the opportunity of using an ideal, low-cost promotion space such as the entrance to our restaurant. Think about it. How much would you have to pay to advertise your restaurant elsewhere? If we decided to do so, that promotion would be far from the effectiveness we can achieve by using our own space. Menu Stands, chalkboards and menu boards are an excellent and very economical way to attract the attention of potential customers. If the location of a restaurant is crucial to its success, so are the promotions. In that sense, the entrance of our restaurant is an unbeatable location: it allows an immediate response and constitutes a permanent communication channel with the people who move in our area.

Hard-to-read menus and promotions

Communicating effectively requires doing so clearly. A text that is difficult to decipher can completely ruin the best promotion. When we are on the street, we often see the promotions as we walk. That is, we have a few seconds to catch the attention of a person who is watching our promotion from several meters away. For that reason, it is essential to use letters that are large enough and easy to read. Due to the short time we have to capture the attention of a potential client, it is very important not to saturate them with information. When we become obsessed with including as many elements as possible in our promotions, we usually end up creating blocks of dense text, with little space between lines and difficult to understand. The spoken language equivalent would be someone who pronounces their sentences with hardly any pauses for breath. Space in the visual world is the same as silence in the world of sounds: both structure and facilitate the comprehension of the message. Therefore, when we approach our promotions it is important to remember that less and cleaner is definitely better.

Too much offer

But... the more variety in our offer, the easier it will be for a potential client to find what they are looking for, won’t it? Although counter-intuitive, the effect is the opposite: too many options can reduce our ability to make up our minds. Indecision makes us feel uncomfortable and that is a situation that can lead us to walk away from a restaurant instead of going into it. This effect is particularly enhanced when we are hungry. In that case, our ability to concentrate and make decisions is significantly affected (it is more difficult to choose a dish from a menu when we are hungry). Often, offering many dishes or promotions responds to the desire to reach as many people as possible. Again, by falling into this practice we achieve the opposite effect: while trying to reach everyone, we lose the option to effectively attract the attention of a particular type of customer. The solution lies in turning around the usual process we use to build our menus and promotions: instead of including everything we can offer, we must consider what kind of customers are we interested in and then put ourselves in their shoes. If we manage to do this, putting together an attractive offer will become much easier.

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