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Common Core Town Hall Meeting Shootout

Press Release: August 26, 2015

The push for and against Common Core is coming from both sides of the political aisle. What are the facts? - Free Event
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FULLERTON, CA – August 24, 2015 – The educational initiative Common Core has inspired a remarkable and simultaneous outpouring of both praise and decent. Groups ranging from ultra-conservative to ultra-liberal have found common ground for and against the Common Core Curriculum standards.

“Common Core has become something of a Rorschach test,” says John Rogers, a professor and public education analyst at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. As a result, he says, “a very diverse political constituencies have been blended” to oppose it.

Parents have seen the video of a typical math problem that used to be solved in two or three easy steps now take a dozen or more, and with no discernible advantage. Parents wonder that, unless the point is to make things more complex, it seems that we are heading in a very wrong direction. During a school board meeting, Common Core activist Heather Crossin made this discovery:

“Our principal in frustration threw up his hands and said, ‘Look, I know parents don’t like this type of math because none of us were taught this way, but we have to teach it this way because this is how it’s going to be on the new [standardized] assessment,” she says. “And that was the moment when I realized control of what was being taught in my child’s classroom — in a parochial Catholic school — had not only left the building, it had left the state of Indiana.”

This initiative, which began as a bipartisan endeavor that proceeded for years with virtual consensus among policymakers of all stripes, now has governors who once enthusiastically signed on to the initiative scrambling to distance themselves, and around the country state lawmakers are seeking to halt the implementation of the standards. Perhaps second only to Obamacare, Common Core has become a rallying cry and has tapped into a vein of outrage that transcends political boundaries.

When it comes to reading, Common Core inexplicably junks many of the classic works of fiction that have long prepared students to think critically. In their place are “informational texts” that will cause college readiness to decrease, said professor Sandra Stotsky, former senior associate commissioner at the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Political ideology aside, however, perhaps the most vocal push-back to Common Core has come from teachers, who approve of the concept but hate its implementation. They complain the curriculum, created without teacher input, is inflexible, its installation has been disorganized, and administrators and parents will blame them if student test scores implode.

Join concerned parents and educators at the Fullerton Public Library on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 6PM. Guest speakers include:

Mr. Robert Hammond Vice President, OC Board of Ed, District 1
Mr. Charles T. Ritz III President of Fullerton Secondary Teachers Organization & Chair of dept. Of Math, La Habra High
Representative from Dr. Robert Pletka, Superintendent Fullerton Elementary
Atty. Brad Dacus President of the Pacific Justice Institute
Mrs. Joan Davidson former President, Palos Verdes School Board, CA. Teacher

The library is located at 353 W. Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton. Seating is limited. Contact MJ Noor to RSVP.

M.J. Noor
(714) 240-7382

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