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Coming disaster is almost a matter of logic

Press Release: May 15, 2018

Coming disaster is almost a matter of logic
Where is humanity headed?

For those who follow the news, the world is falling to pieces or in the fight of its very life. Forget about history, forget about the blunders of the ages but don’t forget about what is happening now. The news cycle of the last couple of years could have just about anyone reaching for the tranquiliser bottle.

There has long been a certain level of mass depression in the air accompanied by a deep suspicion and distrust of authority. Past leaders were able to keep their failings and sordid lives largely hidden from the populace. Since the advent of the Internet and especially the rise of social media, world leaders can no longer count on blind support of their people. Hope and despair have become the handmaidens of each other.

In nations where extreme censorship is the norm and the blocking of the free and uncensored Internet is fairly effective, leaders have been able to garner a lot of support. Putin’s Russia, China under Xi Xing Ping (president for life) and of course, Kim Jong Un are prime examples. However, a chaotic and entropic undercurrent washes across our world.

We have the “failed” Arab spring, the strange Brexit vote and the rise of populist politicians everywhere. Even the once mighty USA elected an erratic, twitter addicted, narcissist as president. Donald Trump’s support for the relocation of Israel’s capital to Jerusalem and his withdrawal from the accord with Iran have already ignited colossal flames in the Middle East, which now appears ready to explode.

Add climate change, overpopulation and the ever rising proportion of elderly folk to the mix and it is becoming increasingly difficult to produce a level of optimism that will even vaguely inspire children and the coming generations.

The once “lucky” country of Australia, for example, is beset with a throng of mediocre and self-interested politicians who have failed to produce a long term vision that has any hope of success. The global problem of ever increasing disparity between the rich and the poor is a recipe par excellence for social upheaval with unimaginable consequences.

John Spencer, a freelance writer, who has written for David Koch publications, Penthouse and People magazines has published a novel that delves deeply into the primrose path that the human race appears to be on.

This work, “Brownout - 666 or the real meaning of the swastika,” offers a racy and sexy account of our world, with a particularly close look at the Philippines, the USA and Australia. It is intended for adults as it includes some graphic sex scenes and some violence. Although it has been published for some time it has never experienced a book launch or press release before.

Free review copies (either in electronic or hard copy form) are available on request. Copies of this novel can be purchased from www.creativityandpower.com and also through Amazon as well as a number of other eBook retailers such as Barnes and Noble and Apple I book.

John Spencer’s direct email is jspe3506@bigpond.net.au and phone number is +61 0423016905.

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