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Comfortable And Disposable Surgical Gowns At Wholesale Price!

Press Release: September 19, 2020

The job of a Surgeon can be exhausting at times. Wearing surgical gowns for a long time is even more taxing! However, it is essential to drape it for the protection of the patient, surgeon, and the entire surgical staff as well. 

When searching for a surgical gown, you must always look for the AAMI level rating to ensure excellent protection from fluid or microbial transmission during surgery. A surgical gown that is made of premium quality reinforced material, latest patterns, which is comfortable, affordable, and disposable at the same time, seems to ask for a lot. Do not worry! 

ProphaPPE, the online pharmaceutical store, is at your rescue.


About the company 

ProphaPPE is the destination if you are looking for affordable yet comfortable and disposable surgical gowns. The UK based pharmaceutical website provides you with premium quality surgical gown material along with the latest patterns.  


Surgical Gown Material

ProphaPPE store sells AAMI Level 3 reinforced surgical gowns that are made of standard materials with SMS or PP+PE material features. 

SMS Features

Trieffects and antistatic treatment. (antistatic, alcohol-resistant, and anti-blood)

PP+PE Features

Waterproof, dustproof, breathable, soft.

Affordable Surgical Gowns

It takes pains to pay so much for something you are going to wear just once. What is better than an affordable disposable surgical gown with strong, resilient material? The ProphaPPE store sells surgical gowns at the wholesale price. A single disposable surgical gown costs £6.95. 

Surgical Gown Pattern 

The surgical gown pattern is trendy looking with elastic cuffs so that the gown is tightly stuck to the body as well as is easy to disrobe. The neck part is made using the tie back sewing method. 

A Protective Layer 

The disposable surgical gowns the UK at ProphaPPE store are designed to provide level 3 protection. Its manufacturing meets all the governed set of standards and test methods. 


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