Press Release: June 21, 2019

Comfort Pro in Holly Springs, NC offers some fantastic tips to homeowners this summer to reduce their energy bills. With temperatures on the rise, the need to run the air conditioner is simply unavoidable. But there are ways to use the AC without being miserable, and not overpaying. Finding a balance of comfort and affordability is a must.

Comfort Pro does offer some tips and tricks for homeowners to remain cool this summer, without receiving a huge bill. The first tip is something many will enjoy. The HVAC pros say that you should turn on the air conditioning throughout the summer. No one wants to be miserable, and having an air conditioning system entitles a homeowner and their family to stay cool. This, however, doesn’t mean turning the thermostat way down. Being comfortable is one thing, overdoing it is another.

If the use of blankets in the home feels like a necessity, then the thermostat is set too low. But this doesn’t mean the thermostat should be set to over 80 degrees either. The happy balance is somewhere in the high 70’s depending on comfort level. Start at a degree the family feels comfortable with, then every three days increase the thermostat a degree or two. The slow rise will give family members a chance to acclimate.

When no one is home, there isn’t a reason to run the air conditioning, or at the same level at which it is running when someone is home. Comfort Pro suggests installing a programmable thermostat, which allows individuals to set the AC to turn off when no one is using it. Not only will this save on energy bills, but it will also prolong the unit itself.

Making sure the windows and doors are closed will help to prevent cooling loss. Before turning on the air conditioner, make sure the house is sealed up, and when exiting the house, to close the door. Simple tips like these can do wonders for reducing heat gains. Comfort Pro has said, “Just as there’s no reason to cool an empty house, there’s no reason to cool empty rooms. Close vents in any rooms you’re not using, and close the doors to those rooms so your AC has less square footage to deal with.” about observing locations that the home could be losing cold air.

The best tip provided by Comfort Pro is to have the air conditioner maintained. While a unit can run for years without issues, it is vital to change the filter and have the condenser cleaned. Keeping up with maintenance allows the air conditioner not to be overworked, which can attribute to better energy efficiency. To check out more tips from Comfort Pro, visit https://www.trianglecomfortpro.com/how-to-use-your-air-conditioner-less-this-summer/.

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