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Collecting Barbies – index reveals how much your old dolls are worth

Press Release: July 21, 2017

The first Barbie dolls, from 1959, can sell for thousands, states the 2017 update of the JustCollecting Barbie Index

The brunette version of Barbie #1, from 1959, tops the list at $9,250

The blonde Barbie #1 variant has provided the best return on investment since 2005 – up 5.8% a year to $8,800
Condition is vital: prices listed are for mint condition dolls never removed from their original packaging

The earliest Barbie dolls from the late 1950s continue to be the most valuable, reveals the 2017 edition of the JustCollecting Barbie Index.

The brunette version of Barbie #1 (1959) sells for $9,250 in top condition, with all its original packaging. The blonde variant makes $8,800. Both were $3 new.
"Brunette Barbie #1 is far rarer than the blonde version, yet only slightly more expensive," says JustCollecting's Dan Wade.
"That's because more collectors want to own the blonde doll, which is viewed as the quintessential Barbie. Also, more children would have owned a blonde version, so now they're nostalgic adults, it's the blonde one they want back in their lives."
Modern dolls can also be valuable, when scarce. The standout recent performer has been the controversial Pregnant Midge from 2002 – up 18.3% per annum between 2015 and 2017 to $140.

"Prices for Pregnant Midge, who came with a detachable stomach, have soared in the past two years," says Wade.
"Collectors are increasingly excited by its rarity. It was quickly pulled from the shelves after complaints she encouraged girls to get pregnant. Many people were also upset she wasn't wearing a wedding ring."

Most valuable Barbies in the JustCollecting Barbie Index
Barbie #1 Brunette (1959): $9,250
Barbie #1 Blonde (1959): $8,800
Barbie #2 Brunette (1959): $8,000
Best performing Barbies 2015-2017
Pregnant Midge (2002): up 18.3% per annum to $140
Barbie #4 (1960): up 11.8% per annum to $1,250
Talking Brad (1970): up 9.5% per annum to $450

Best performing Barbies 2005-2017

Barbie #1 Blonde (1959): up 5.8% per annum to $8,800
Barbie #1 Brunette (1959): up 5.7% per annum to $9,250
Barbie #4 (1960): up 5.6% per annum to $1,250
If you're fortunate enough to have a valuable Barbie, remember that prices shown are for dolls in their original, unopened packaging. Unboxed versions lose around 75% of their value.

See the full figures here.
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About the JustCollecting Barbie Index
The JustCollecting Barbie Index tracks the value of investment-grade standard-release Barbies (i.e. excluding one-offs and designer dolls), using analysis of auctions and private sales, in addition to expert opinion.
Values shown are reflective of "mint" condition examples – never removed from their box or packaging.

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