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Colin Kaepernick and Drag Queens—Social Justice and the Arts of the Marginalized

Press Release: June 29, 2020

America applauds the arts and efforts of its marginalized citizens—but refuses to acknowledge the pain that fuels the achievements. Of Drag Queens and Quarterbacks, a recent essay featured by The Gay and Lesbian Review is a scorching commentary on the consumption of the arts and accomplishments of the BIPOC and LGBTQIA artists, athletes, and performers. The nation’s landscape is overwhelmed with equality protests. It’s pride month, and Kaepernick’s contract is in the headlines. At this timely intersection, we find some of our most important platforms: catwalks and football fields alike. Author Melanie Carden’s writing is both raw and eloquent—with instant appeal across political lines.  Featuring empowering images of Boston-based drag queen Maxine Harris, the article offers artistic visuals and fierce, addictive writing—an instant share-worthy, quick read with an important message. From professional sports to the art of drag, consumerism exploits BIPOC and LGBTQIA artists, athletes, and performers—happy to buy their entertainment, as long as they remain silent on matters of racism, equality, and protests. Drag Queens are fabulously entertaining—but for queer queens, walking down the street in plain clothes can be intimidating.  Colin Kaepernick is cheered as a hero—right up until he takes a knee. American consumption of the accomplishments of BIPOC and LGBTQIA is hypocritical— demanding “give us the goods but don’t speak up.” ### Melanie Carden is a Boston-based writer and editor. Formerly a newspaper columnist, she writes about food sovereignty, cooking, culture, and social justice. She earned her BA in Food and Culture Journalism (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Massachusetts—Amherst. Mel is available for freelance writing, interviews, guest blogs, and speaking engagements. Email: cardenondeadline@gmail.com. Online: melaniecarden.com

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