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Coiri Salary Survey Simplifies Compensation Benefits for Employer and Employee

Press Release: July 16, 2018

Coiri offers exceptional independent salary surveys to companies and industries with an intent in ensuring increased performance in each company sector. With a customizable survey, they handle an objective, valid and reliable survey which gives insight on the small, large and average salaries for a given position and also the rate competitors and others organizations are paying.

The greatest asset in a company is its human resource and for smooth co-operation and increased company performance it is important that adequate compensation is being given. Salary surveys are essential in collecting information about employee salary and benefits. These surveys give an estimate in compensations being enjoyed by numerous employers either by region, sector or job positions across organizations. These surveys are useful for companies looking to attract, support and retain talented employees. They are the benchmarks for salary and benefits. Salary Surveys Canada is an experienced independent salary survey expert that helps keep companies aware of these changes in the employment market and also the need for salary and benefit upgrades.

As leaders in salary surveys Canada, Coiri offers an insight to companies in matters of hiring the right individuals at the right compensation and also in making best business decisions regarding salaries and benefits. With their surveys companies are assured of salaries and benefits for employees that are designed to increase their performance and maintain company loyalty.While it is a general feeling by some people that the benefits being incurred by a salary survey are a little one-sided this is proved wrong by Coiri’s survey as they ensure that both employer and employee benefits from this survey.

One hard part of this survey is the pricing of executives which is never easy. This arises due to a lack of reliable market benchmarking data to enable companies to determine how well executives are paid in relation to competitors and avoid the loss of an executive to a competitor. Coiri helps in bridging this issue and applies its experience as an expert in executive compensation surveys Canada by providing a competent, top-notch and customizable survey geared towards providing information about the type of compensation and benefits, full reward package, and compensation in cash and others that is being provided in numerous industries and companies. They also provide necessary guidance in the type of long- term incentives and benefits that is adequate for Executives.

With Coiri a well carried out Salary Survey is assured and will go a long way in ensuring that the area of benefits and compensation is well covered by the company.

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