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Coconut Lane London Offers Candy-Coloured Phone And MacBook Cases

Press Release: August 12, 2020

The folks of Coconut Lane — a premier UK-based seller of phone cases and MacBook cases — are pop culture- and social media-savvy. And this is well-reflected in the chic homeware and fashion accessories they offer. Their products feature a timeless appeal with a dash of modern-day sass.

Their flagship products, gadget cases for phones and MacBooks, are available in eye-catchy candy-coloured designs.

Trendy Phone Protections

Did you know that on average, Brits spend three and a half hours on their phones? Whether it’s for simple communication or for binge-watching TV series and films, it’s undeniable how phones have become such an integral part of our daily lives.

With constant use of these handy gadgets, they also become more prone to scratches and other forms of damage. And the simplest way to keep them protected is by equipping it with a well-fitting case. But who says phone cases need to be boring?

Coconut Folks know how much most ladies love to dress up their phones. With this in mind, the website is offering cases designed using a wide range of styles and colours — from bright sunflower prints embedded on a pitch-black background to calming pastel-hued brushstrokes to striking patterns that feature planets and stars. This variety in their designs also allows their customers to pick which one truly reflects their personality.

While their cases are stylishly fashionable, durability is one thing they will never sacrifice. First and foremost, their products are meant to keep your phones safe. Another laudable aspect of their products is their sustainability. They have a line of environment-friendly cases for ladies who want to go green and help save the planet.

Fabulous Cases for Your Mac

MacBooks are known for their sleek look. If you want to jazz up your laptop, Coconut Lane has a huge inventory of chic MacBook cases for you to choose from.

Their designs feature patterns that range from abstract to animal prints to marble. Though embodying different kinds of girl boss-vibes, their cases are all made to help keep your laptop fabulous and damage-free. Their rubberised texture further ensures good grip, minimising the risk of you dropping your prized device.

For an affordable price, you can also level up the look of your MacBook without compromising its functionality — Coconut Lanes’ cases have a space for ports so you can conveniently connect external hard drives.

Another thing to love is these cases’ easiness to install and remove. They are equipped with a Snap-On Installation feature — making it a breeze for you to change your MacBook’s protective case every week or whenever you feel like changing it.

As in their phone case offerings, their protective cases for MacBooks are also a great way to channel your personality.

Looking for a stylish protection for your gadgets? Coconut Lane offers a catalogue of candy-coloured phone cases and MacBook cases. Their products mirror their mission of turning their customers’ dream to be a girlboss into reality. Check out their best-sellers at www.coconut-lane.com. You can also send your queries to hello@coconut-lane.com.

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