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Coca-Cola tastes the feeling in Vienna

Press Release: October 03, 2018

With an enlightening and inspiring individualized fitness program for body, mind and soul

In order to balance the energy resources of its staff, CCB Management Services GmbH (a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company) and the Austrian company, XuendR, have joined forces and are now implementing a holistic, individualized fitness program. The goal of this joint effort is clear and is focused on the individual: a sustainable improvement to quality of life. This is achieved through the recently developed, tailor-made support program, which enhances for each participant self-awareness and body consciousness and improves the management of personal resources. At the same time, it is simply a lot of fun.

Harmony in body, mind and soul is an optimal state. But demands at work, in private life and even during leisure time can disrupt this harmony and eat up valuable energy resources. The company XuendR, in Vienna, is attracting attention with a new program designed to restore this harmony holistically and on an individual basis – and CCB Management Services GmbH has now given 40 employees an opportunity to achieve this balance themselves by participating in the program.

Balancing act with support
Dr. Helmut Brunar, the visionary founder and CEO of XuendR, explains: “On their path toward finding balance, the employees of CCB Management Services GmbH are motivated to examine their lifestyle, identify specific stress factors and restore their energy balance. This way we can make room for a healthy balance between stress and recovery, which has a positive effect and saves personal resources.”

In addition to conveying enjoyment and fun, personal support is enormously important for the success of XuendR’s program. This distinguishes it from conventional fitness programs, which can often degenerate into a continuous struggle and provoke one’s inner demons. At XuendR, real people − XuendR “makers” – are wholeheartedly committed to supporting each participant. This means generating enthusiasm and spirit that has a motivating and inspiring effect. Dr. Brunar says: “Our program can sometimes include a laughter seminar or just asking a person in the morning if he or she had a good night’s sleep.” Close support was one of the positive points that convinced CCB Management Services GmbH to host a Health Day designed for the company by XuendR.

Sensors for energy
Besides personal support, XuendR relies on state-of-the-art technologies for a number of functions, such as measuring stress parameters. The technologies are placed in an intelligent relationship with the much more comprehensive program. Dr. Elisabeth Stephan, XuendR’s Creative Director and a keen discoverer of self-perception states: “More and more sensors and health apps are flooding the market, but monitoring individual vital parameters alone does not bring about a balance between body, mind and soul.” Dr. Stephan: “Real harmony can be achieved only by embedding those data in a holistic program.”
One tool being used is the Bodyguard 2 from the Finnish company Firstbeat Technologies. It measures heart rate variability (HRV) over a period of 72 hours, an important indicator of stress. The sensor is available free of charge to the participants for a limited time. After being processed in detail by XuendR, the data will be analyzed during a personal interview. Lifestyle changes can then be worked out through close consultation with the participant in order to achieve a healthy balance between stress and relaxation.

Motivating support
This joint effort exemplifies the philosophy of XuendR, which is to focus on the individual rather than the completion of some rigid program. The special XuendR program is being demonstrated at the Health Day of CCB Management Services GmbH. The talents of XuendR show that exercise can be fun and that it can also be integrated very easily into every day work life. Simple but efficient exercises – some with unusual and even surprising exercise tools, such as coffee cups! - motivate people to enthusiastically jump right in and take part. Also, there are coordination games that challenge the skills of each person and entice them to join in. Those who need a break can watch crudité expert Michaela Russmann prepare balanced snacks and try out her True Food as well as browse through a selection of books that she has authored. Themes including sleep, health and fitness promote self-awareness and a healthy lifestyle. Participants can also maintain contact and exchange information with the “makers” of XuendR even outside the event through personal conversations or virtual chats.

Cooperative partners
XuendR attaches importance to national and international cooperation with experts of various disciplines. The Finnish company Firstbeat (www.firstbeat.com) supplies the sensors for measuring heart rate variability. Michaela Russmann, a Vienna-based dietician (www.rohgenuss.at), is responsible for support in dietary matters. Talso, the Austrian company FitnessGoesOffice (www.fitnessgoesoffice.com) has contributed to the success of the entire program with its training method expertise.


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