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CLUE: COLD. The Genesis of Forensic Photography

Press Release: March 15, 2016


The Genesis Of Forensic Photography

(Catalogue Launch)

The forensic photographic work by Prof. Dr. Louis Tomellini (1880-1966) is revealed in a catalogue launch evening at the East-London Art gallery 71A, on Thursday 24th March. The project by producer Stefano Amoretti, photographer Mino Tristovskij and collector Riccardo Sezzi is going to acknowledge the Italian criminologist into the forefathers - a photo of Tomellini and famous Alphonse Bertillon posing together is in the catalogue to prove it - and pioneers of the contemporary crime investigation system.

Clue: Cold is an exhibition of historical forensic photography. Built around the fortunate finding of a box containing the whole collection of Louis Tomellini, criminologist who worked in Genoa (IT) in the first quarter of the twentieth century, the project engages with both the aesthetic and historical qualities of the original photographic glass plates (dry plate process). Previewed at the Gallery 1885 in London in April 2013, the exhibition has then travelled around different European art and photography galleries. The catalogue represent the occasion to present the collection in its entirety and features a paper by criminologist Eugene McLaughlin - professor at City University and author of many publications on forensic photography - and a historical introduction by Aldo Padovano, expert in local history.

"As humans, when we say 'I', we mean our memory" is the quote by Umberto Eco the authors chose - extrapolating it from his last interview - both to homage the decease of the Italian intellectual and also to mark the importance of the European cooperation in the process of criminal identifications. It also give us the chance to reflect on the preservation and digitalisation of historical documents as one of the priority for the preservation of our collective memory.


24th March 2016

71A Leonard Street
London (UK)

from 6:30pm to 9pm


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