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ClickForTranslation Breaks Record with 60,000 Customers

Press Release: October 19, 2016

ClickforTranslation continues its record-breaking pace of delivering topnotch translation solutions to thousands of customers worldwide. The company announces its unprecedented growth for the first quarter of 2016 “ making it the largest by far in the company’s history. And now with the addition of certified translation services in its broad range of services, ClickforTranslation is sure to close the year with a resounding success.

“I am so grateful to the efforts of our incredible team around the world and we will continue our relentless commitment to provide the best language solutions for our customers. Now, more than ever, companies and individual customers are finding ways to communicate to international territories. Our certified translation services can help you break language barriers especially when you need your contracts, patents, and certificates translated,” said the President and CEO of ClickforTranslation

Aside from the first-class translation service that ClickforTranslation is offering, the company is also well-known for its cost-effective translation rates. Set at an incredibly cheap rate of $20/page, no other companies can offer the same economical rate of certified translation services like ClickforTranslation. Furthermore, customers can enjoy big saving deals and other exclusive discounts every time they place an order.

“There’s strict restriction in other countries when setting up business. They require documents to be in their native tongue. Most government agencies abroad are meticulous when accepting files from a foreign country. We are glad that ClickforTranslation is always available whenever we need to translate our legal documents,” enthused by Martha Jones, a loyal customer of ClickforTranslation for many years. “Their accuracy is beyond compare! We are instantly approved when they see that ClickforTranslation is our official language provider,” Martha added.

The workflow of ClickforTranslation makes the process easier and more convenient for its clients. Using three-easy steps, customers can order certified translation services even at the comforts of their own homes. “It’s really a big deal for us to have immediate access to certified translation services. And using this easy workflow will surely help us to accomplish our task faster than ever,” Martin Fischer said.

ClickforTranslation continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and superior quality in all its dealings. Prompt, top-rank, and precise results are delivered, or a guaranteed money back alternative. Also, it sustains open communication lines via toll free hotlines for clients within US, UK, and Australia. An alternate call-back service is utilized for customers outside these countries.

With its record-breaking feat of serving 60,000 customers, ClickforTranslation is undoubtedly the industry leader of language solutions. To know more about their array of translation services, you can visit their website at http://clickfortranslation.com

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