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Press Release: November 22, 2015

We want to personally introduce to you THEHUMANET project and we are sure that you will be interested to be the first to know about it. You can already download the first app in Google.

Social networks and new messengers have changed the world, they have made it possible to communicate without boundaries and borders but still people remain lonely in reality. New crowd technologies and platforms for communities have created a new type of economy where people can do business without intermediaries but a huge rise in well-being does not occur, the world is on the threshold of a new era but it is afraid to take the first step. Video games, mobile technology and virtual reality technology made learning, searching of quick solutions and best practices very simple, the game turned out to be the best way for the humans to explore the world. But all this does not replace the adrenaline and sensations of real life: love, extreme sports, etc.

The modern world is impossible to imagine without bloggers or comments but millions of “likes” does not make us really happy, we remain profoundly lonely even with millions of followers. At the same time millions of opinions are impossible to isolate and find what’s really important: we cannot select people whose opinions are really worth something.

The new world is a world without states. The non-state entities assume the primary responsibility to address global challenges based on new technologies. New technological and social solutions in these areas form the backbone of the economy of Knowledge, but it is the man as the creator of unique content and personalized unique competences, knowledge and experience who is the center of this metaphysical system.

Our foresight group created the ecosystem and platform "Internet of Humans" and plans on releasing a series of mobile applications within the project as soon as in 2015. This aggregator aims to unite all the modern humans who are ready to change the world.

The platform combines the properties of the hybrid network, device and crowd-sites. It has its own currency and its own internal built-in social search built on a distributed cloud architecture. Users have their own unique proxy authentication and access to the public content, social search and property. An API platform allows opening any service to public access, and what is more important, it has the functions of the internal payment system. Our task is to aggregate all the important features that make life easier for a new generation at the same time giving them the tools to behave in a more responsible manner.

The common unified solutions for the entire series of applications are:

- Intelligent social search that allows you to find any desired person on the planet that has unique competencies and skills and is, in fact, the source of the desired content who knows best about the object of our search, without forcing you to look through thousands of links and articles;

- A widget that allows you to create personalized emoticons and chat.

- Obligatory for each application built-in functions including the new universal emotional and symbolic language including a complimentary token;

- System of personal social cumulative rating for each user;

- Crowd services for the intellectual, financial help and collective decision-making, the open exchange of information; in fact, a self-governing and self-adjusting Crowd Democracy that sooner or later will allow to write a new Crowd Constitution and sign a new public social contract;

- The existence of diversely orientated and functional P2P "Market Places" ensuring involvement in economic circulation of the various existing household objects and competencies, the new 3D manufacturers cooperation, the personification of consuming;

- Internal money, personal for each user and nominated in man-hours;

- External billing aggregator that allows you to use almost any currency, any means of electronic payments, any credit cards or even pay by sending SMS using only a smartphone;

- Various mechanics allowing transferring on-line some traditional educational games built on associations, and others.

CLICKCLAP (“click-clap” imitates the sound of the camera shutter) is a pilot project of the ecosystem and platform THEHUMANET. It is a unique visual messenger and a free application for Android in Spanish, English and Russian languages. It allows in just two clicks to share with your loved ones emotions via an emoticon, a short video of an emotion, or to use a new language of “Grimaces”, unique personal humanized smiles through a widget, or a customized keyboard, using the new format of short videos in a circle called “shot”; you can also create personalized video channels and lead a personal video chronicle – Vistory – a personal video blog – Vlog. You’ll be able to find any person on Earth, find out what is happening at this moment anywhere in the world and to see the map of emotions around the world. You can share all the personal emotions and sentiments with family and friends at any chosen moment. http://click-clap.com/

THEHUMANET is in fact the main "Market Place" of the ecosystem and platform and a p2p Exchange that provides not only a wide involvement in economic circulation of the various existing household assets and competencies, co-operation among new 3D-manufacturers, personalization of consuming, a place to attract financial resources needed for economic and social activity of households, but also a platform where people with no technical skills and education will be able to perform the functions needed in the modern peer-to-peer economy from delivery to the testing of mobile applications and services for home-based call center. We want to develop their adaptive skills so that they can find and create jobs, select tasks according to their physical and intellectual capabilities and gain a pool of various sources of income to ensure a comfortable life of the household. The application is built on a unique system of motivation and growth, taking into account current trends and technologies of gamification and it aggregates all the relevant and available on-line platforms and services in this area including a new format for a learning and developing platforms and media content DIYS (Do It Your Self): guides, tips, video instructions, all that can really be helpful and useful at any time, a place where you can ask for professional advice or assistance of the audience in any field in real time. http://thehumanet.com

You can download the first app in the Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clickclap

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