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CleverBooks Launches Augmented Classroom Platform to Support K-12 Digital Education

Press Release: February 24, 2021

22.2.2020, Dublin, Ireland – Irish-based company CleverBooks continues to innovate in the EdTech sector taking global digital education to the next level. The company, which provides mobile and web-based augmented reality experiences for K-12 students, has created a collaborative space: Augmented Classroom (www.augmented-classroom.com) where students can experience and engage with curriculum-aligned content. In this STEM-based space, students can explore and interact with a variety of activities, engage in collaborative and co-creative projects in the Augmented Reality (AR) environment in class or remote learning settings.

The winning project of European Digital Innovation Challenge 2020 organized by the European Commission, Augmented Classroom by CleverBooks provides educators with digital resources to get their students engaged and excited about the curriculum they are teaching, as well as empowering students to design and create their content. Students can hear, feel and touch knowledge, thus, acquire the necessary skills and better navigate their way through their future workforce from an early age. 

In diving into CleverBooks’ Augmented Classroom, educators will find a wide variety of options to supplement curriculum content, as well as meet the needs of all of their students. The platform can be used cross-devises (mobile devices, Chromebooks, laptop, or desktop) and cross-operational systems (iOS, Android, and Windows) providing the option for students to join a teacher-led option or explore on their own. Educators can choose what activity students will be interacting and engaging with, and students will join the activity with a join code. This allows students that may be virtual or in other parts of the world to connect at the same time.  There are options for students to explore, create, collaborate, play a game, or check their knowledge and understanding.

The extended capabilities of Augmented Classroom include:
·         LTI integrations with any LMS systems.
·         Supports collaborative and cloud-based solutions for anyone, anywhere.
·         Supports 13 different languages.
·         Supports visualization (allows to bring an object/concept into a reality can even help to make the invisible visible).
·         Supports annotation (navigates a new environment, provides real-time descriptions).
·         Brings storytelling to life (introduces new/alternate perspectives for long-term
·         Can help to overcome isolation (social, physical) by enabling online collaboration.
·         Supports the inclusion and personalized learning for students with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning conditions.
·         Empowers creativity & critical thinking.
·         Initiate exchange of best practices.

 Students are more motivated to learn and retain content when they can physically manipulate, get closer to, create, and explore on their own.  Augmented reality gives students the opportunity to see and interact with plants and animals, sea creatures that live on the ocean floor, as well as many other ways to make learning more meaningful and create those memorable experiences.  As educators, we want to provide our students with opportunities and experiences that they may never have and/or that will be vital to their future.  We can bring these opportunities to our students with augmented reality just by being willing to step outside the box and give it a try.

About CleverBooks
The multi-Educational award winner, CleverBooks is shaping digital education using Augmented reality on a global scale and creating an environment where educators are empowered to embrace the 21st-century teaching practices to help students developing skills necessary for the unknown future workforce. CleverBooks Edtech resources have been used in over 4200 schools in 62 countries around the world as well as used by home-school educators and parents.

To learn more, visit https://augmented-classroom.com/, and www.cleverbooks.eu
Press Inquiries: Helena Smith, Marketing Manager, marketing@cleverbooks.eu 

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