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CLEARed: Contact Tracing Built For Citizens.

Press Release: May 27, 2020

CLEARed is an entirely new way to approach Contact Tracing.  Using consumer app behavior as the driving force behind our development CLEARed is a contact tracing app that does not use GPS or Bluetooth technology to track a citizen’s movement 24 hours a day. 


The new Contact Tracing app utilizes thin client mobile apps that work on an individual’s phone and allows them to share their visits to local businesses, government buildings, parks and other common meeting places where groups of more than 10 people will congregate. This can all be done without draining a phone’s battery life because due to GPS or Bluetooth utilization.   And because of the streamlined designed the CLEARed app program is designed to work not only in dense urban areas, but areas where cell reception can be low or non-existent.   


The CLEARed app is a departure from most contact tracing efforts across the world, since it does not rely on GPS and Bluetooth tracking apps built on unsecure platforms.  CLEARed believes that this approach is not only ineffective, but could put user data at risk of being shared or exposed.   As the world continues to battle COVID19 countries are rushing too quickly to develop apps based on Big Tech capabilities that include GPS and Bluetooth, seriously compromising user privacy and security.  Take for instance the  COVID Safe app in Australia, where within hours of deployment several serious privacy and functionality issues were discovered by the tech community.  We have also seen serious breaches in North Dakota, where their Care19 app has already been ousted as grossly violating their User Privacy Policy and sharing user data with Google and various other advertising and data firms. 


As the public continues to lose interest in contact tracing apps built by big tech or those that utilize GPS and Bluetooth tracking, CLEARed has taken a simpler approach to Contact Tracing that draws on years of consumer app experience, gamification and simple design.  


The founders of CLEARed were brought together by one big idea, the desire to create a safe, secure and influential Contact Tracing App platform that people will actually use – businesses will adopt – and our elected officials will champion.


Getting people to use and app is difficult.  Years of experience in developing and deploying apps tells us that when it comes to downloading, adopting and actual using an app,  there has to be a positive risk-reward scenario that encourages individuals to use an app. Even the most important and critical health related apps find it difficult to get users engaged.  Why?  Because people don’t trust technology with their health data and managing their health in an app can be difficult.  Contact Tracing apps are no different.  


CLEARed understands these challenges and has architected a solution that not only incentivizes individuals to use the app but encourages businesses to participate as well by providing a one-step sign up and integrated incentives program that can be offered by state and local government for business participation the CLEARed program.

The CLEARed app ultimately automates the process of contact tracing - with the goal of reducing transmission of the virus by alerting people who may have been exposed so they can take action to protect themselves. We at CLEARed believe this essential in helping countries return to normal and helping to stem the spread of coronavirus and any future health related threat. 


The CLEARed app is designed to be part of a wider approach that involves contact tracing and testing. We are ensuring that our approach will make it as seamless as possible and to complement more traditional measures that can protect vulnerable groups and those who cannot or do not want to access digital contact tracing tools. 


The CLEARed app will allow individuals to self-report and request expedited testing, as well as alert users on what action to take if they may have been exposed as either a patron or worker in a place of business or government facility. 


Finally the design of the CLEARed app as allowed us to prioritize security and privacy.  Because we only require minimal information for sign up and do not use tracking capabilities in any way we are, by design, secure and private.  We are not capturing any information from the users that (if exposed) would be identifiable or compromise a person’s PHI or personal data. 


CLEARed.  Built for Citizens.    Contact us today to learn more.


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