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ClearComm Technologies' Multiband Combiner Connects 5G Networks

Press Release: February 08, 2021

ClearComm Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Patriot Technologies Inc., a global service provider of wireless and information communications systems, announced today that it has expanded its RF components portfolio by introducing Multiband Combiner for mid-band spectrum. The new CCFA-866 series of multiband combiners enables the deployment of commercial wireless networks in both licensed and un-licensed mid-band spectrum. Mid-band is the most sought out spectrum by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) as it is ideal for the deployment of 5G technologies. With ClearComm Technologies solutions, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), systems integrators, neutral host providers will be able to improve the coverage and capacity required to meet their customer demand. CCFA-866 offers low-loss combining of multiple LTE or 5G technologies band; typical applications would include high traffic environments like stadiums, bridges, subway tunnels and high-rise buildings. The compact size and weatherization allow flexibility in mounting locations. Some of the key features of this combiner include:
  • Covers PCS, AWS, BRS, CBRS and LAA Spectrum
  • Low Loss / Low PIM Design
  • Available with Nex10 Connectors
  • Available in Indoor and Weatherized Versions

ClearComm Technologies delivers highest quality products with low loss and low PIM to meet the existing and emerging demand of indoor and outdoor wireless communications need. To learn more about our portfolio of our wireless products, visit https://www.clearcommtech.com or contact us at (410) 860-0500. [email protected]

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