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Press Release: January 02, 2020

Cleanrooms are usually classified according to their use (the main activity within each room) and set by the cleanliness of the air by the measurement of particles. These cleanrooms are used to avoid short circuits between tiny connections.
How to choose best Cleanroom Equipment
1. Analyze your Demand
Before going to choose Cleanroom Equipment’s analyze for what it's needed. These cleanrooms are widely used in chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, food storage industries and many more. So first list your needs.

2. List requirements for your cleanroom
After listing your needs then list cleanroom requirements that are suitable for your working needs for example In hospitals air showers are used to remove contaminated air particles.

3. Choose an appropriate ventilation system
It depends especially on the requirements of the particular ISO class which ventilation system is the right one for your cleanroom. In all applications, the airflow would be designed to prevent the removal of particles at critical points and to eliminate as many particles as possible to the outside. Of course, all accesses must be kept free and should be positioned in such a way that they cannot be adjusted in daily operations. Air conditioning units are available to control the temperature and humidity in the cleanroom; in many applications, a constant level is required for these parameters.

4. Plan your cleanroom with proper access possibilities: Cleanrooms are usually entered through locks with different cleanliness classes. These locks are used to balance the pressure and to put on the protecting dress. So as few elements as likely are carried into the cleanroom from outside. Depending on the planned use, more flexible solutions for access are also available. Don't forget that even larger machines and systems will need to be installed and maybe even removed again over time.

5. Choose the right material for walls, floors, and ceilings: There are also conditions for the cleaning of cleanrooms, for example concerning the cleaning agents used. All horizontal and vertical surfaces should be easy to wash and immune to the chemicals they contain. So the materials should be easy to clean and flexible. Depending on the application, fixed walls and soft wall solutions are available for cleanrooms.

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