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CLEAN LUNG Aimed at the Dangers of Vaping and Smoking

Press Release: September 17, 2019

Vape and cigarettes are full of harmful chemicals. Lung diseases caused by Vape and cigarettes are growing. Now people can use CLEAN LUNG to clean their lungs from dangerous chemicals.

Some health cases related to VAPE and smoking are growing. The main cause is harmful chemicals including heavy metals, nicotine, and lead. VAPE and cigarettes are also using flavor which contains diacetyl. This is a dangerous compound which can cause lung disease. Clean Lung - Lung Clean Liquid is developed to solve a variety of health problems caused by VAPE and smoking. Clean Lung produced as an e-liquid vape and the difference is on the function. This product is designed to clean lung from any harmful chemicals caused by vaping. An ancient solution to a modern problem.

Clean Lung - Lung Cleaning pod contains with Sodium Chloride. This compound works to produce sputum, such as mucus or phlegm from the mouth. The main function of sputum is to improve lung function, even for smokers. The lung function will be improved after using VAPE LUNG because the compound helps to get rid of the active non-GMO ingredients which commonly used in vape and cigarette such as menthol, herbs, and enzymes. The process involves a natural procedure to detoxify, cleanse, and refresh the respiratory linings from toxins caused by vape and cigarette.

How (Lung Clean) Sodium Chloride inhalation solution can help in the process of lung cleansing?

Sodium chloride inhalation solution is an effective solution which has the ability to reduce some types of bacteria in specific body secretions, for example, saliva. Most interestingly, Sodium chloride inhalation solution can be used to produce sputum (phlegm and mucus. It can also work in an effective way to treat the people who have a problem with breathing. It is because the use of Sodium chloride inhalation solution can help the people experience ease in their respiratory system. Sodium chloride inhalation solution can be used to attract the water into the body airways which will help in the process of cleansing lungs. It will become a cause of thinning mucus and would become easier to cough out in the best possible way. Well, even more, various research results have shown that inhaling the solution which contains Sodium chloride inhalation solution such as hypertonic saline 2 times in a day has the ability to help the people who are suffering from any lungs related issue which is causing hardness in breathing to suffer from less lung infection in the best possible way. This is because the increased amount of Sodium Chloride inhalation solution concentrations on the respiratory epithelium’s luminal side can be used to hydrate the available amount of viscous mucus there and this will work to improve clearance of mucociliary and as a result of this, it will also contain a positive impact on the improvement of lung function in the best possible way.

Even more, the inhalation of Sodium chloride solution can activate an alternative channel (Chloride channel). However, this activation is being thought to cause an increase in the result of respiratory epithelium hydration and this will improve the lung function and mucociliary clearance in a more effective way.

Please Note: Although Sodium Chloride Inhalation Solution is safe and well used in respiratory therapy it is important to contact your doctor regarding any serious medical conditions and allergens.

The Clean Lung is formated in two packages which are a 1.5 liquid for vaporizers and JUUL compatible 0.7ml 1.8 omh pod/cartridge. The main difference between the ordinary vape and Clean Lung is that the product doesn’t contain nicotine and tobacco. The ingredients are all natural, include peppermint essential oil and eucalyptus. The product makes the lung health by stimulating the breathing passage respiratory system. Then, the essential compounds work to clean the lung. The product can be used along with any kind of vaping methods including steam, vape, atomizer, nebulizer.

The users just have to use Clean Lung for 2 to 3 times a day until they can breathe comfortably just like before. Due to the ingredients, Clean Lung is considered as a natural herbal supplement. The ingredients help to detox lung from any toxins and harmful chemicals in vape and cigarette. The sensation will be different compared to vape because the main function is to clean the lung. The best part is that the users don’t lose the vaping sensation because Clean Lung is an e-liquid vape. The goal is to reduce the health cases caused by vape and cigarettes, especially to reduce the risk of lung disease.

Clean Lung is easy to find and it is available online trusted online stores such as eBay. Anyone who is interested or curious about Clean Lung can ask some questions or get the updated information through its Facebook official Fanpage.

About Clean Lung :
Clean Lung is an e-liquid vape formulated to help vape users and smokers. The natural ingredients help to clean lung from any harmful chemicals which can cause lung disease.

For more information, please visit www.cleanlung.org or facebook.com/Lung-Clean-114890756547821/.

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