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Clean eating diets driving fresh food sales says Nisa

Press Release: September 18, 2017

The popular trend for ‘clean eating’ is helping to drive sales of fresh and frozen meats, salads and vegetables at convenience stores across the UK.

Independent convenience retailer Nisa says that volume sales of clean produce have been increasing steadily for at the past six months. And it’s the quick and easy access to these wholesome foods that is driving demand at a local level.

Nisa’s Heritage own label fresh poultry and meat sales have seen increases of 22% and 12% respectively whilst wet salads and loose vegetables volume sales are up 17% and 18%. Loose salads have increased by 16%.

Frozen potatoes have seen an increase of 100% with frozen red meats have witnessing an increase in volume sales amongst consumers of 32%.

Nisa is launching its first range of own label fresh fish this month comprising of four delicious new lines including salmon fillets, salmon fillets with sweet chilli, Scottish smoked salmon and kiln roast salmon flakes.

Clean eating diets have become increasingly fashionable with health eating and fitness guru Joe Wicks and celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry amongst the high profile advocates, some of whom have publicly stated how they have cut out gluten, dairy, grains and refined sugars.

Alex Rimmer of Nisa commented: “There’s no doubt that clean eating is gaining traction and that the lifestyle choice is appealing to consumers, largely due to its simplicity. Clean eating is all about eating whole foods, or ‘real’ foods — those that are unprocessed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible. However, as modern food production has become so sophisticated simply eating whole foods can be a challenge. What we are seeing across the Nisa UK store network is the demand for simple, whole foods combined with convenience. Customers are wanting to make their purchases on the way to work or on their way home without the hassle of supermarket shopping.”


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