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Clean Coal Breakthrough - Allows Power Companies to Meet Obamas New Tough Coal-Power Mandate

Press Release: August 17, 2015

In an effort to save the environment the Obama administration has yet again tried to choke the coal industry, this time with an introduction of a plan which calls for up to 30% cutbacks in coal emissions. At such a time, the only solution is using Burn Less Coal’s amazing new technology that can reduce coal furnace emissions by up to 99%!

New York, August 6th, 2015 -- In what is being hailed as one of the most prolific attacks on American jobs and America’s energy infrastructure during his presidential regime, President Obama has made the tough new environmental rules on coal production final. While the government has been reluctant to comment on the practical aspects of this bill, opponents in the power industry are struck by how unreasonable this move is. Between now and 2030, the coal power industry is set to lose out on $8.4 billion annually, and the associated jobs to support it, which only hurts America, it does not help it.

This projected move highlights the need to cut down on coal emissions by at least 30% from what the levels were in 2005, with an extended deadline of 2022 for major coal companies to make this change. Meanwhile, the companies are left to puzzle over this problem while the government provides little to no assistance.

Earlier this year, Supreme Court rulings halting Obama’s “Clean Act” plan on the basis of economic impossibilities now appear to have been just a minor setback. This bill comes as an enormous victory to the EPA, whose spokesperson has denied the allegations of impracticability brought forth by more pragmatic people who actually work with the industry.

Obama, who had championed the cause of natural gas and such forms of renewable energy, now appears to have paid heed to growing research on natural gas emissions, particularly methane (a harmful byproduct of burning natural gas). Considering that even the environmentally conscious President doesn’t propose the utilization of natural gas as a primary source of energy, what hopes does the power industry have? What alternative, indeed, does the American power industry have in general?

Our extreme reliance on coal and coal energy leads to questions regarding the viability of this move. However, the future does not seem entirely bleak at present. A shining new technology has emerged to lead the research into safer and cleaner fuels, and has come up with a surprising answer to the Presidential mandate which allows the coal companies to save money and reduce emissions at the same time. In fact a combination of technologies using a new W.E.S.P technology can even result in 99.9% emission free coal consumption.

Burn Less Coal has developed a unique catalyst which can reduce the emissions of both carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, as well as Sulphorous by-products and heat. A recent EERC test, in fact shows a cutback in percentages of CO production by 76% and a significant reduction in CO2 production. The process results in the reduction of coal consumption by 15%, which is a net savings to the power provider. Since it does not cost the companies, but actually generates savings in consumption, this new technology can actually allow coal companies to follow the government’s stringent new rules and meet the 2030 deadline for a cleaner, greener world.

About Burnlesscoal: A company dedicated to providing a holistic solution for both the environment and coal companies, Burnlesscoal has pioneered the technology required to provide clean coal fuel. Their catalytic solution is environmentally safe, tested in labs and research institutions, and completely economical.

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