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Classic Car Enthusiast Loses More Then His Nerves.

Press Release: February 25, 2010

A young car enthusiast has lost more than 80% of his hair, following the shock of crashing his bull-nosed Morris into a Rover Metro (similar to the Mini Metro but re-badged).

Thomas Fernando Dean, 27 from Clapham was travelling from the New Forest Owl Sanctuary, when the Rover Metro allegedly pulled into his path. A small scrape ensued with nothing but wounded pride for Mr A Partridge of the Metro and a dent in the bumper for Mr Dean.

It was only the following morning when the real horror revealed itself. Mr Dean has suffered from immediate hair-loss from the shock, meaning his renowned coiffured bonce is now as shiny as a teachers apple.

This is devastating said Mr Dean. I had been preparing for a trip to Israel to meet my hero Benjamin Netanyahu. I cant face him like this, never gonna meet him, I've lost my hair, Ive broken my glasses, but at least we all walked away from this.

Medics suspect the sudden loss of hair maybe due to Anagen effluvium, a starvation of oxygen to the hair follicles after shock. Tests are so far inconclusive, but it could be up to 6months before any findings are revealed.

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