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Claire Andrews dance academy : dance school in Beaconsfield

Press Release: February 22, 2016

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you are expected to dance, but you did not know how?!

Regardless of whether you want to be the new John Travolta or just want to learn to dance to have fun, it is never too late to start by enrolling yourself on dance classes in Beaconsfield. For each age dance is something special. It is not necessary that copy movements of the person next to you, come to dance school in Beaconsfield and dance with us. Learn to dance, and gain newfound self-esteem.

In Claire Andrews Dance Academy dance is considered as way of discovering the ability of individuals to express themselves, to enjoy life and make new friendships. As an ideal combination of art and sport, dance skills are one of the best ways to maintain good mental and physical shape. With expert teachers in relaxed atmosphere through fun lessons and socializing on the basic course learn basic dance with the simplest dance steps and figures on dance classes in Beaconsfield and for the middle and upper classes gained perfect dance knowledge enriched with a number of new dances and figures, improve esthetics, gain independence and the safety of their appearance on the dance floor.

The pace of life is such that we do not get to dedicate time to yourself and our body, and one of the things that gives so much grace and fills us with energy is a definite movement of the body through dance and that is what dance classes in Beaconsfield provide you with. Dance in a modern dance studio and take dance classes in Beaconsfield with Claire Andrews dance academy. Dance studio is very well equipped with all that is necessary for a modern dance school. Children dance classes in Beaconsfield and classes for adults are held in a dance studio which has Harlequin dance floor, mirrors are all over the walls like it supposed to be and you have ballet barres which are necessity for ballet classes. Every dance instructor along with Claire Andrews is qualified ISTD teacher. Movement can often express what words can not, and has long since developed a dance therapy that improves overall health. Dance therapy has proven to be the most successful to reduce the stress that afflicts more and more people of the modern age.
Do not hesitate, pick up your phone and call us to book first trial class and we will make sure you go home satisfied after attending dance classes in Beaconsfield.

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