Home Civil Engineers Cameron + Ross improve collaboration and information management processes by investing in BC Enterprise

Civil Engineers Cameron + Ross improve collaboration and information management processes by investing in BC Enterprise

Press Release: December 19, 2017

After recent growth, Cameron+Ross selected BC Enterprise from GroupBC in order to improve their information management and project collaboration, as well as standardise processes across their expanding teams.

Cameron + Ross are a consulting Structural and Civil Engineering firm that operate throughout the UK from offices in Aberdeen and Inverness. Founded in 1993, their clients range from local government bodies; education and healthcare industries; development companies and organisations; builders and contractors; architects; and individual private domestic clients.

Having recently expanded offices and seen an increased demand for services, they decided to look for a cloud-based electronic document management systems (eDMS). After looking at a generic eDMS system and BC Enterprise’s Common Data Environment (CDE), they were impressed by the range of document management and collaboration functionality of BC Enterprise, the simplicity of the interface, and also that it would demonstrate their Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2 compliance, vital for public sector contracts, something a generic document management system failed to offer.

Jon Anderson, Director, commented, “We realised that in order to support expansion and continued growth, we would need to improve our information management and collaboration systems, and after meeting GroupBC, we were impressed by the simplicity of the interface and ease of use. We didn’t feel the need to look at other systems after that, it had everything we required.”

BC Enterprise would also enable them to store project emails, within the project areas, and improve communication across their diverse teams. Having a central location for project information, documents and emails, would enable better collaboration with clients, reduce the risks of mistakes due to working on out-of-date information, and so improve the speed and delivery of projects.

About GroupBC
GroupBC has been developing document and information management solutions for construction related projects and customers since 1998. BC makes it easy for teams to collaborate, manage and share documents and drawings from a central, secure cloud based platform. GroupBC is renowned for pushing the boundaries of technology, linking project and asset data with external datasets in order to provide rich and valuable insights which enable more timely and better decision making.
GroupBC is the trading name for Business Collaborator Ltd

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