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City pro reveals 18 ways to be a better trader

Press Release: November 10, 2016

18 Smart ways to Improve Your Trading delivers a practical, no-nonsense guide to making money in the financial markets.

Based on author Maria Psarra’s experiences as a proprietary trader and wealth manager, the book distils the best habits of winning traders and investors. Equally importantly, it also highlights the most common mistakes investors make and equips readers with the skills to avoid making them.

Aimed at the intermediate, the book makes for easy reading with to the point ‘smart ways’ that the author has gleaned via her own trading journey. She stresses there is no Holy Grail or magical system and instead focuses on how people can train themselves to become successful traders by following basic principles. Readers are encouraged to evaluate their own risk profile and trading strategies and apply the ways.

The 18 chapters include topics such as:

- How to use stop losses effectively
- Removing emotions from trading
- Golden rules for trading CFDs
- Position sizing
- Protecting profits

The book promotes Maria’s belief that success is achieved through commitment, discipline, consistency and the ability to adapt to changing trading environments.

“The truth is that you do not need to be “perfect” to make money in the markets, you just need to follow simple rules allowing you to be better than the millions of losing traders and investors around you,” said Maria Psarra. “You don’t always have to be right, it is ultimately about making money and that’s what I aim to teach with this book.”

18 Smart ways to Improve Your Trading is available now in paperback and for the Kindle. For more information, please visit ADVFN Books: http://www.advfnbooks.com

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About the author:

Maria has worked in the City for almost ten years. She started her career in one of London’s biggest proprietary trading desks, then moved into advising high-net-worth individuals on investing and trading in equities, bonds, commodities and derivatives. More recently, Maria moved into wealth management in order to offer a wider range of services to her clients. She currently works for one of the biggest wealth managers in the UK.

Maria writes for several well-known UK financial publications, and discusses her views on the financial markets and trading at conferences and on TV.

Kindle: 978-1-908756-80-0
paperback: 978-1-908756-81-7

Kindle - £4.99
Paperback - £5.99

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