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Citation Employment Law: Official 'National Sickie Day' is Finally Over

Press Release: February 04, 2010

Employers have one less reason to worry about staff absence now that 'National Sickie day' 2010 has passed by.

Findings from a recent survey released indicate as many as 350,000 employees call in with their excuses and pull a sickie on the first Monday in February. It also emerged that 25% of bosses now accept an email or text message from staff to inform them they are ill and will not be coming to work.

Andrea OHare, Head of Personnel & Employment Law at Citation commented: "Citation provides employers with a clear documented policy within a staff handbook outlining the procedure for employees calling in sick and an online system, Citmanager, to document and report absences.

"Citations absence management systems have helped employers manage staff absence whilst discouraging the number of sickies thrown within the workplace."

Businesses want to reduce the costs associated the staff sickness and absence. Staff absence not only affects businesses financially, but more importantly it affects the level of service and work output as well as placing unnecessary strain on colleagues who have to pick up additional workloads.

Take control and manage your staff absence.

For more information about Citation and the services they provide, visit the Citation website at http://www.citation.co.uk/.

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