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Cirdan supports increased COVID-19 testing capacity

Press Release: April 08, 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, laboratories across the world are being asked to rapidly scale up their testing capacity. In response to this Cirdan has been configuring their ULTRA Laboratory Information System (LIS) to facilitate this increased testing demand. Links between ULTRA and instrument analysers, as well as links to external registries where COVID-19 test data needs to be reported are being developed by its team around the clock. Cirdan's services team have been in contact with global analyser manufacturers who have either tailored current analysers to facilitate COVID-19 testing or developed new solutions. Using analyser specifications and customer testing requirements, Cirdan has been able to develop interfaces that allow COVID-19 testing to be fully integrated into lab workflow. This has facilitated automated ordering and ensures that the testing process is swift, accurate and secure. Cirdan has working interface solutions to many cutting edge COVID-19 analysers, including those from vendors such as GenMark, Seegene and Qiagen. Rapid and precise reporting to national databases is even more vital during a global pandemic. To ensure that newly integrated tests such as COVID-19 are reported as required, Cirdan has been enhancing and developing reporting links from ULTRA across many of its customer sites, so that COVID-19 result reports are instantly available to pathology databases. Recently for one of their customers, the Northern Hospital in Melbourne, they have added COVID-19 analysers and arranged for any negative test results to be texted directly to the patient, thereby saving the lab and GPs a lot of administration work. If Cirdan can help you, get in touch. We're all in this together! www.cirdan.comĀ 

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