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Circus Earns Recognition for Creating Best Virtual School Tours

Press Release: February 22, 2021

London, United Kingdom - Novelty is accepted from companies that strive to increase its foothold in the industry. The recent pandemic has mankind awakening to a horrible fact where distancing oneself from friends and family members has become the norm. Do not fret when it is time to impress prospective client, however. Let Circus take over the onus and unleash the power of a fantastically designed 360 video tour that will make your prospects sit up and take notice.

Circus is known for an amazing variety of 360 virtual tour services that can be used by real estate companies, property agents and also to a retail sales representative who is eager to achieve the sales target. Nowhere is the effect greater than the educational institutions who have found it cost effective to provide an extensive virtual college tour.

The eager student not only learns his or her way around the sprawling campus and check out the extras such as dormitory and well stacked libraries along with play fields. With virtual tours gaining prominence, school administrations are not averse to introducing a prospective student to the faculty members thus impressing them big time. Life within a campus is not solely about lessons and sporting activities either. A virtual university tour may also include a Q & A session that clarifies all doubts arising in the mind of the young student.

Make sure to get in touch with Circus deemed to be one of the top 360 video agencies London and achieve your objectives effortlessly without exceeding your budget.

About the Company

Circus, one of the most reputable companies offering a host of unique virtual services is located in the center of London. Business entrepreneurs and owners of startups find its services exemplary in attracting new customers while convincing their prospects easily. With the use of advanced AR and VR technology and outstanding photographs and videos, the viewer is literally for choice when checking out a facility, an educational institution or retail store from the comfort of their own homes. The new regulations of social distancing are enforced without being too strict about it either.  The amazing 360 tours have become the hallmark of Circus over the years with business owners dealing with diverse industries rooting for this company that satisfies all without giving reason for complaint. Circus does not only design wonderful virtual tours but assists each of its clients in introducing and promoting their brand across all industries. It captures reality to a T to provide an unforgettable and immersive experience. 

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