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Chronicles of Galdurvale Kickstarter Campaign Is Launched!

Press Release: March 16, 2021

Epic MegaGrants recipient, Chronicles of Galdurvale (COG), is a single-player action-adventure game that follows the exploits of a young hunter named Amelia, destined to harness the powers of the Dragon Riders of Old. 

Does she have the courage to soar upon their majestic wings? 

Chronicles of Galdurvale is an adventure of the ages. Defeat your enemies with sword, spell or bow. Collect a variety of devastating attacks, and magical powers. Craft potions and arrows, or even upgrade your favorite gear. Complete side quests to gain exciting rewards. Encounter an enormous bestiary of colorful monsters, each determined to cut you down.

Combat can be deadly. Amelia’s health can disappear all too quickly, especially against her toughest foes. Survival requires timing and quick reflexes, utilizing abilities acquired over the course of your adventure and unlocking environmental puzzles that block your path.

The game world contains a diverse range of landscapes – from clearwater beaches to quiet pine forests and towering mountain peaks. Explore abandoned dungeons and ancient temples. Pass through orc strongholds, and cross never-ending deserts. Peer behind waterfalls into secret passages – even climb the caldera of a raging volcano.

We are also fortunate to have the help of some very talented voice actors to help bring Galdurvale to life, including Melissa Medina as the hero Amelia, Rupert Booth as the mage Lysander, Anarosa Butler as the treacherous Mina, and many, many more.

The Chronicles of Galdurvale Kickstarter campaign will be live from March 16 to April 18, 2021. Please follow this link for more information: https://cog-game.link/cct

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