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Christopher Cass Writes "Astonishingly Accurate" First World War Epic Novel, says Expert

Press Release: November 11, 2015

LONDON - Nov. 10, 2015 - PRLog -- "To Bathe in Eden's Glory" by Christopher Cass (Copyhouse Press, 2015) has already been dubbed "The Greatest Novel Ever Written About the Great War" by observers. Cass' epic has been compared to the work of -among others - Ernest Hemingway and Sebastian Faulkes.

Now it has won expert plaudits for its realistic depictions of trench warfare - no surprise, given that the novel reflects the author's lifetime's obsession with, and an acknowledged expertise in, the history of the First World War.

Copyhouse Press are pleased to reveal that they have had the novel assessed by a professional historian. The expert, who carried out the assessment under conditions of strict anonymity imposed by the norms of academic peer review, is a member of the UK's Royal Historical Society and is an acknowledged expert on the period up to and including the First World War era.

According to the expert's report, Cass writes with an authority which is "indistinguishable from that of a professional historian who specialises in the Great War" while the war poetry, inspired by real examples but penned by Cass himself "has an authentic feel". The expert reviewer was "convinced that Cass had enjoyed privileged access to genuine unpublished material by an unknown soldier-poet" and spent a significant period of time double-checking to ensure that this wasn't the case.

Regarding the actual scenes in the trenches, the expert described them as "astonishing - the most accurate depiction of trench warfare in fiction. Cass has penned the most realistic portrayal of trench warfare in a novel ever. It is a masterclass of factual accuracy transformed to the pages of a literary piece. It passes every imaginable test for determining historical accuracy in a creative milieu - and does so with flying colours."

Christopher Cass is the pen name of musician and producer Chris Baker. Educated at Chelmsford Grammar School, at 18 Chris chose the road over university and spent the next 30 years combining a playing career with production and the business side of music. Once described by Melody Maker as a ‘studio guru’, he lectured on music business studies at MBS (London) during the late ‘80s and has written for a number of magazines and periodicals. ‘To Bathe In Eden’s Glory’ is Chris’s first novel and reflects a lifetime’s obsession with the First World War.

Copyhouse Press Ltd is based in London and is a provider of premium publishing services.

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