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Christian Author of "Lucas Fern" Under Fire

Press Release: March 20, 2017

The Christian Author Derek Ryan Jensen has come under attack by Christians over a controversial name for his protagonist Lucas Fern.

A book already judged by its cover “The tiny Life of Lucas Fern,” is about the adorable Lucas and his twin sister Lucy Fern who are adopted by the legendary folk hero John Henry who also happens to be their Grandfather and his wife Talitha Fern.

Lucas is born much smaller than his sister Lucy and in this first book they both learn how to cope with being different. The last name Fern is surrounding a gift each of them have connecting them to Mother Nature and the “Old Hara” tree, the oldest tree on Earth.

It has no mention or affiliation to organized religion, especially no mention of the devil who Christians call “Lucifer.”

The story is very Natural and even a cute. It begins what I see becoming a very successful National Park series as the second book called “Paul Bunyan & Me in Yosemite,” is already available online.

Lucas and Lucy Fern are fun and adventurous children who reach deeper into our need to connect with Nature.

Full of Yosemite’s Native American culture and history with the very pleasant addition of Native American protagonists who help Lucas and Lucy give us a deeper love and understanding of Yosemite.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the giant Ox are a great addition to blend American folklore with Native American folklore. Kokopelli, the Native American legend is accidentally released from a beautiful basket created long ago by a famous Native American basket weaver. (No Spoilers here)

These folk heroes Paul Bunyan, Kokopelli, Casey Jones and John Henry are not superheroes and only feel symbolic in the way they motivate. The fate of our planet still rests on the simple acts of ordinary people finding their connection to Yosemite as Jr Rangers.

I have never been camping in Yosemite before and when I finished this book I wanted to go. I wanted to shout “Elmer” at sundown and the taste the pure and cold water flowing out of a real mountain spring,

Lucas Fern is the perfect example of how we must not judge a book by its cover.

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