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Christian Aaron Rising from the Ashes, Becoming a Role Model

Press Release: December 22, 2019

Christian Aaron, best known for his self-titled YouTube Channel, has faced the dark side of social media stardom this past year. After pausing uploading to his YouTube channel with over 100K subscribers, he made an appearance on The Dr. Phil show to come clean about his addiction to social media. A few months later, controversy struck again when Aaron was accused of identity theft.

Now, Aaron is once again active on social media, but this time for a different reason. As stated on The Dr. Phil show earlier this year, Aaron wants to become a positive force in the influencer community by being more honest with his followers about his struggles hidden underneath the facade of social media platforms.

Aaron is known for being outspoken about his love-hate relationship with social media, explicitly mentioning how he’s dropped followers and lost support from his fans over the past year. By being brutally honest with his followers, he wishes to attract a new fan base onto his social media as well as set an example for other influencers who are projecting unrealistic standards and expectations onto their audience.

Outside of his social media business, Aaron is keeping busy with endeavors as an actor and model, with new projects rumored to be shared in 2020.

He has consistently proven it’s possible to rise from the ashes and become a role model for how to act and grow on social media, and is now making it his mission to set a positive example in a world that’s oversaturated by social media.

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