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Speaking in layman’s terms, a Foley catheter is a thin tube with two sections. the primary section has two ends with openings at the top for the urine to be collected and therefore the other section features a balloon that inflates itself inside the bladder to stop the catheter from slipping out. tons of medical ailments like incontinence, enlarged prostate, paralysis, urecterectomy, genital injuries, etc. can cause an individual to lose the power to urinate naturally, thus requiring them to use a catheter. made from either silicone or naturally coated latex, Foley catheters can either be self-lubricating or might require a lubricant.

Types of Foley Catheter Tips

Straight Tip - Straight Tip Catheters are a typical sort of Foley catheter, it's used for the foremost basic requirements and procedures.

Two Way - These catheters are perfect for swift and efficient drainage also as ensuring there are not any excessive leakages

Code Tip - Coude tip Foley catheters ease insertion and are mostly recommended when there's a blockage of some sorts within the urethra. The bent tip of the catheter easily navigated through the urethra.

Council Tip - This features a balloon at the top that aids the instability of the catheter.

Triple Lumen - it's recommended for people that are critically ill and are employed to deliver constant or intermittent medication.

How to Choose the proper Foley Catheter?

Choosing the proper catheter is a crucial step because the wrong catheter might complicate the procedure of catheterization and also cost you within the end of the day. Choose the catheter you think that fits best to you need.

1. Poiesis Duette Dual-Balloon Two-Way Foley Catheter

Made with 100% latex, Poiesis Duette Foley catheter features a revolutionary dual balloon system that removes the danger of bladder trauma. The second balloon is structured over the tip of the catheter and helps in infection control. There are strategically placed drainage eyes in between the balloons that aid in minimizing aspiration damage. The catheter is definitely employed by an individual without a medical background. the 2 balloons, also mentioned as anchor balloon and protection balloon are crammed with sterile water and add tandem to supply easy and cozy drainage.

Take note of the items listed below while using the Foley catheter:

It is color-coded to assist within the perfect insertion of every a part of the catheter

Avoid aggressive aspiration because it might cause drag in deflating the balloon

If any problem takes place, immediately contact a medical professional

Do not use needles as you deem so, always follow the handbook

Dispose of the used catheter because it could also be a biohazard after use

2. Amsino AMSure 2-Way Silicone Coated Latex Foley Catheter

Coated with silicon, the Amsino AMSure 2-Way Foley catheter is meant to scale back urethral irritation. The balloon is symmetrically built to reinforce stability in use. Maximum drainage is attained by the massive oval eyes of the catheter. The silicon coating ensures that the catheter doesn’t react to any chemical and temperature doesn’t alter its functioning. The tapered funnels secure a correct reference to the urethra and therefore the plastic valves easily allow Luer slip and Luer lock syringes.

3. Bard Bardia Two-Way Silicone Elastomer Coated Latex Foley Catheter With 30cc Balloon Capacity

The hydrophobic make of Bard Bardia Elastomer Coated Foley catheter is one of its best qualities, this helps in reducing friction while inserting and makes the utilization comfortable and painless. it's made from 100% latex and therefore the silicone coating ensures minimal chances of infection or mishap. it's completely sterile and may be used just one occasion. The opposing eyes of the catheter ensure perfect drainage of urine.

Take note of the items listed below while using the Foley catheter:

Always make sure that the balloon is inflated completely because it might cause problems during the utilization

If there's difficulty in deflating or removing the balloon don't tug vigorously because it might cause the lumen to collapse

Do not apply any quite external lubricant to the catheter

Refrain from using nails and always stick with the recommended capacities

4. Medline Two-Way 100% Select Silicone Straight Tip Foley Catheter With 10cc Balloon Capacity

Made of silicon, Medline Two-Way Straight Tip Foley Catheter is transparent as glass thus allowing an individual to ascertain that each one the debris from the bladder has been emptied. the massive beveled eyes ensure proper and complete drainage. The special design of the catheter reduces the chances of catheter infection and encrustation. The balloon is symmetrically shaped to enable perfect stability while using. it's a blue radiopaque strip that creates it easy for the catheter to be seen under scanning machines. The tip is bullet-shaped to enable smooth insertion into the urethra.

Take note of the items listed below while using the Foley catheter:

Always clean the catheter before use to eliminate the probabilities of tract infections

Inspect the catheter before use as any defect or break can cause issues

Drink enough fluids to form it easier for the catheter to expel the waste

Always clean your hands and wear gloves while employing a catheter to stop the infection from your hands

Choosing the proper catheter is of utmost importance because the wrong choice might successively magnify the ailment and end in severe repercussions. Identifying the matter correctly and dealing consistent with the recommendations of your medical provider is what helps in choosing the proper catheter. For more information on five basic sorts of Foley catheters that assist proper urine drainage, please Click Here.

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