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Choose WA Electrical for in-depth Manchester Electrical Training for IEE Seventeenth Edition Standards

Press Release: March 18, 2010

Passionate about electronics? Keen to get involved in a job sector that still in high demand despite these tough financial times? Electrical engineering could be the thing for you, and where better to learn your trade than WA Electrical Engineer Training.

The north-west company have electrical training courses to suit you; the aim of all WA Electricals course options are to develop your knowledge and understanding of the principles associated with working with electricity whether youre new to the industry or possess a wealth of experience.

All wiring regulations are covered, such as IEE standards, and WA Electrical Engineer Training offers assistance to budding electricians by offering three day courses that can certify you to handle electrical materials with the new Seventeenth Edition standards set by the IEE.

The Seventeenth Edition standards (BS:7671) have been in place since 2008. These standards are the newest since 1991 and have worked with a variety of major changes that relate to electrical installations of all sorts. Because of this, many groups that hire electricians will only employ ones that have completed training under the Seventeenth Edition standards.

All courses works touch on the important factors that go into these standards and why they exist. These include standards that deal with processes that work with protecting consumers from dangerous materials, specific installation processes and details on electrical testing and electrical design testing processes. All of these are basic things that every electrician in the United Kingdom will need to work with and WA prepares you fully for the tests and challenges you will face.

With the IEEs report being more than three hundred pages long, a great deal of information will be covered. WA Electrical has tailored electrical courses on these standards to last three days, covering every last drop of information.

With this course students will be able to get the basic certification that is needed in order to go places in the electrical world. It can also allow for students to be able to work with other courses that are offered by WA Electrical including courses that cover electrical design training and additional safety.

For experienced electricians that have already passed the Sixteenth Edition course, a separate update course is available. This one-day course is intended for electricians who have experience and need to get information with regards to different changes that have been made in the new Seventeenth Edition of the IEE standards. With this electrical training course an electrician will be able to update ones certifications and be able to work with the latest processes.

About Us

WA Electrical Engineer Training was set up in 2005 to fill a gap in the electrical training industry after David spent 30 years as a consultant. Contracts ranging from City & Guilds lead verifier, advisor at UNESCO, Hospitals and the Prison Service to name but a few.

Originally running from a unit in Waterloo Street, Bolton, WA moved to bigger premises (our current premises) in June 2008 to provide better training facilities for our clients.

Director David Wyre has been awarded City & Guilds Licentiateship for his work in the electrical installation industry.
WA Electrical runs a series of short electricians courses on technical, subjects based upon the latest wiring regulations (BS 7671:2008,17th Edition) and the Building Regulations (part P courses) for compliance with statutory and non-statutory requirements.

All courses and exams are offered at our training premises based in Bolton or on Company premises if suitable. Courses are presented through a safe working environment in a cost effective and regulated manner. WA is an independent training organization for the electrical/contracting industry offering industry-leading qualifications and support to contractors and many other trades within the construction industry.

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Website: http://www.electricalengineertraining.co.uk/

Email: info@electricalengineeringtraining.co.uk

Phone: 01204 847 722

Address: Unit 6/7, 1st Floor, Nortex Business Centre, 105 Chorley Old Road, Bolton BL1 3AS

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