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China's Domestic Tourism Market Recovers Rapidly

Press Release: October 15, 2020

According to the website of China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the country received 637 million domestic tourists during this year's National Day holiday, recovering 79.0 percent year-on-year by comparable caliber; and achieved domestic tourism revenue of 466.56 billion yuan, recovering 69.9 percent year-on-year by comparable caliber.

During the holiday period, tourists' willingness to travel was high, the tourism market recovered significantly, and tourism enterprises and relevant departments carefully planned various forms of cultural and travel activities. In order to boost travel consumption, enterprises launched various tourism and cultural activities in order to meet the travel enthusiasm of tourists and urban and rural residents.

From the Shanxi Province Department of Culture and Tourism was informed that during the National Day holiday in 2020, the province received more than 500 million domestic tourists, basically restored to the level of the same period last year; to achieve tourism comprehensive income of 31.638 billion yuan. During the period, tourists travel in pursuit of experience, cultural consumption into the mainstream, 60.4% of tourists choose to visit cultural places, such as Pingyao ancient city, Shuanglin Temple.

While ensuring the quality of tourism, epidemic prevention and control has not slackened. In indoor venues and scenic spots with dense flows of people, most of them have adopted such measures as "reservation, peak shifting entrance and limited entrance" to prevent and control epidemics, strictly implementing the prevention and control requirements of the government at all levels to protect the personal safety of every traveler. In addition, due to the hot holiday travel, the catering and leisure service industries are also heating up rapidly.

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