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Cheryl Cole Has Alternative Invisible Braces To Invisalign And Cost Cheaper

Press Release: December 23, 2009

X FACTOR stunner Cheryl Cole has the most wanted smile in Britain says the Daily Express.

The 26-year-old has the most-requested teeth say many of the leading UK cosmetic dentists, who are seeing an increasing number of young women especially in Leeds desperate for Cheryls pearl-white look, no matter what the cost.

The chart-topping singer has admitted she spent years wearing invisible braces, which are an alternative to Invisalign.

But it seems the star may also have had up to £10,000 of porcelain veneers fitted too. Yes her smile has dramatically improved since she appeared on Popstars The Rivals in 2002.

Clear invisible braces could have straightened Cheryls teeth but it was the Inman Aligner product that made the difference, said Dr Jon Swarbrigg, who is Leeds cosmetic dentist.

This revolutionary process can straighten teeth from six to sixteen weeks, added Dr. Swarbrigg whose Farsley Dental Practice helps women with crooked, twisted teeth.

Dr. Swarbrigg, one of the worlds top cosmetic dentists, says that porcelain veneers could easily cost £10,000.


Invisible Braces Leeds: After winning Pop Stars: The Rivals, Cheryl, aged 20, admits she wore invisible braces called Inman Aligners for almost two years at around £1,500.

If youre considering using clear, invisible braces you may end up with disappointing results, longer treatment times and public embarrassment.

Do You Make These Same Mistakes

Dont make a £2,000 pound MISTAKE youll regret for a lifetime. Dr Jon Swarbrigg, author of How To Have A Smile Like Cheryl Cole For As Little As £5 Day, has treated dozens of patients with "invisible" braces only to discover a long list of common problems and complaints.

In response, Dr. Swarbrigg has written a free consumer guide, which is Britains first truly independent expert guide available in the U.K. It exposes shocking information you need to know BEFORE you make an investment in your smile.

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