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Check out New collection at Alex & Company

Press Release: March 22, 2021

Alex and Company Jewelers have restocked their jewelry store with new and exciting collections. Trends keep changing, even in jewelry making, and the latest designs are meant to cater to the millennials. The new collection ranges from uniquely designed engagement rings with gold or platinum prongs, earrings, necklaces, bracelets to collectible Rolex watches.

"Jewelry describes us in many ways, and most of the time, the pieces that we wear tell a lot of our class and personality," said the master jeweler at Alex and Company Jewelers. "Our new jewelry collection is more attractive and is designed to reveal different personalities."
The jewelry pieces from Alex and Company are all elegant, classy, and exclusive. The master jeweler has a wealth of experience in unique and authentic jewelry creation. Finding original jewelry requires a knowledgeable person, or one may end up getting ripped. Alex and Company Jewelers first guide the client on the process of buying jewelry before he or she makes a choice. 

If you want to purchase a diamond ring, they will provide you with an online diamond calculator that allows you to know the characteristics of the diamond ring you want to buy and its cost. A diamond value calculator also helps customers to find out which type of diamond ring they can afford. 

Alex and Company Jewelers' new jewelry collection offers a wide variety of handcrafted and intricate fine jewelry. All jewelry pieces are designed to the slightest detail. The jewelry company uses high-quality quality finest gemstone jewelry when designing fine jewelry. The metal used is also of high quality. Whether a customer prefers gold or platinum, Alex and Company focuses on personalized custom jewelry designs that meet the customer's needs and preferences. Each piece of jewelry is unique and carefully designed to tell its own story, combining a cosmopolitan style and European elegance flawlessly. 

Some of the jewelry pieces, such as diamond rings, are expensive and may require financing or insurance. Alex and Company Jewelers provide jewelry financing for customers who can't afford to pay cash when buying expensive jewelry pieces. Engagement ring insurance is also offered that covers theft, loss, or damage. Settling any legit claim is easy because they only offer insurance for jewelry pieces and not other properties. 

The craftsmanship that goes into creating fine jewelry at Alex and Company is nothing short of brilliant. Every piece is crafted and strategically placed to align with the Company's mission to provide high-quality and bespoke jewelry to global level customers. Being a wearable art, jewelry compliments the wearer's complexion, showcase style, and embrace personality. That is what the new jewelry collection from Alex and Company is all about. Those who love antiques and trendsetters will get inspired by their unique collection. 

About Alex and Company Jewelers 
Alex and Company is a jewelry design company based in Boston, Massachusetts. It is family-owned, and for over 50 years, they designed and sold numerous jewelry products across the world. Their designs are unique, high quality, and authentic. Alex and Company offers its services on an appointment basis. The jewelry company provides bespoke jewelry pieces that outmatch other jewelry companies in Massachusetts. Besides giving new jewelry designs, Alex and Company also provides jewelry restoration and repair services for customers who want such services. 
To get more details about Alex and Company Jewelers, visit them at https://alexandcompany.com/.

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