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Cheaper Car Insurance - Car Buying Confidence Low Amongst British Motorists

Press Release: April 12, 2010

Whether it is because they lack a deep understanding of the way cars work or if they simply feel intimidated by the whole buying process remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, the results of the survey compound this theory, with 75 percent of drivers surveyed admitting to feeling out of their depth with purchasing a new set of wheels, while a whopping 25 percent regretted purchasing their new vehicle just days after taking ownership.

Drivers that didnt take test drives were also guilty of failing to make basic checks of a new vehicle before handing over the money, such as headlights, wiper blades and washers.

As a result of the response to their survey, Carmony.co.uk is to release a buyers guide to purchasing a new vehicle to ensure drivers know how to use their new motor to guard against unwanted car insurance claims thus securing a cheaper car insurance quote.

The Office of Fair Trading compiled research into the same area and as a result urged dealers to do more to provide protection and advice to drivers purchasing second-hand vehicles.

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