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Cheap Shopping and Cheap Flights to Thailand

Press Release: January 04, 2010

The stories of perfect Thailand Holidays are every where. There is one more thing about Thailand that needs to be told to every body, if you really want to make most of your trip to Thailand and that is shopping.The rates of goods especially clothes / dresses are so good in Thailand that many neighboring countries (who are recognized producers of cotton themselves) import the cheap stuff from Thailand and sell them to their local markets where the demand is ever grown. The biggest reason for this endless demand for Thailand bags, purses, leather goods, shoes and dresses (especially undergarments) is the durability and quality. The sizes, however, are always a problem. Therefore, it is suggested to try of take a good look at the ready made dress or garments before buying them.

The most amazing thing about Thailand is that every body works in Thailand. I know you must be saying that it happens in almost all countries but what makes it amazing is the enthusiasm of the people, they never seem tired. They appear quite contented with their routine which makes Thailand one of the best places in Asia for shopping and visitors will be spoilt for choice with the huge, glitzy shopping malls, department stores, small shops and bustling street markets. If you are keen to spend your days on the beach or rooming around Temples, it will make your nights more exciting if you can pay a visit to the bustling night markets in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

But if you have a small luggage allowance, and want to make a selection very sharply, the most recommended good buys include Thai silks and cottons, leather goods, batiks, silver and gold, pottery with celandine green glaze, precious and semiprecious stones (in particular rubies and sapphires are indigenous to Thailand), pearls, dolls, masks, painted umbrellas, lacquer ware, pewter ware, bamboo and wood artifacts and bronze ware. For ladies, the laungries in Thailand are matchless. You may find some as good as even Victorias secret.

Besides that, if your week is occupies with plenty of excursions or business events, the weekend market at Chatuchuk in Bangkok will be just the right choice for you. You will find a regular cornucopia with hundreds of stalls stocking items ranging from genuine antiques to fighting fish. Tailor-made clothes are also good value and can be made in a matter of days, yet the standard is very high, so you can thing about it if you are going there for a wedding or shop for a wedding. Your tailor-made dresses will make the occasion a scene out of your most longed fantasies.

To save some money, consider paying a visit to the Duty Free shops as well (I love the chocolates I bought there). Duty-free shops are located throughout the country and items can be purchased there and delivered to the airport in time for the departure flight. Value Added Tax (7%) can be refunded on goods bought in shops labeled VAT Refund for Tourists, where there is a minimum transaction of 2,000 Baht including VAT (please recheck with the store you visit). VAT Refund Application for Tourists forms are completed at the time of purchase and it is necessary to show ones passport. Cash refunds (minimum 5,000) can be obtained in the airport departure hall and often the goods purchased must also be shown. Shopping hours are from Monday to Sunday between 1000-2100/2200.

Last but not the least; also try your luck on the promotional fares available for cheap flights to Thailand, and start saving on your trip right from the beginning.

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