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Cheap shipping from Singapore to the US? Meet Justship.

Press Release: September 22, 2020

Cheap shipping from Singapore to the US? Meet Justship.

Are you looking for;

-          Cheap shipping?

-          Package safety?

-          Quality service?

Welcome to JustShip.

With 12,000 packages shipped internationally, you can rest assured that your package is in safe, reliable and experienced hands.

JustShip is Singapore’s first all-in-one international courier service, offering pick-up, packing, and shipping services for customers to choose from. They excel at making shipping seamless for the layman. Read on below to find out what their customers love about JustShip.

Here are 3 things their customers have consistently praised them for:


Cheap rates

If you’ve ever tried to ship internationally using companies such as FedEx and DHL, you may have noticed the sky-high prices for just one lone package. The cost of shipping internationally can rival the actual cost of buying a plane ticket and going down in-person.

JustShip ships with FedEx International Priority, leveraging on exclusive shipping rates that are usually granted to large companies that constantly ship overseas. For shipping from Singapore to USA prices start from 35 SGD.

Through JustShip, you will have access to all the shipping routes FedEx has to offer for wallet-friendly prices.


Reliability & trustworthiness

Not only that but with FedEx International Priority, you can be assured that your packages will be in safe and reliable hands. Receive constant updates about your packages and get a tracking number that allows you to track your parcel every step of the way.

To date not a single package has been lost.

If you’re looking for a reliable courier service that treats your packages securely, choose JustShip.



JustShip’s competitive pricing is not just for regular customers to benefit from but is also extended to e-commerce sellers and alternative online retailers. JustShip’s clientele ranges from international art dealers to local buy-for-me services. Globalize your business with JustShip.

Niche Items

We are also experts in shipping unconventional items such as religious artifacts, car parts and skateboards. If you’re in the business of trading cards, we have special resources for shipping collectible cards to the USA.

Ready to Ship?

If you’ve ever had any trouble finding the right box for your package or had to pay ridiculously high prices for sending a small package overseas, here’s a better option for you: JustShip.

JustShip offers the most customer-friendly rates for a friction-free shipping experience. Got a parcel? JustShip with us today! Visit www.justship.sg for more information.



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