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Chatspace is building the world's most experienced virtual IT Project Manager

Press Release: June 24, 2020

Chatspace, an enterprise AI startup has today announced it is building the world’s most experienced virtual Project Manager that will provide a solution to a market problem costing enterprises, in total, an overrun of US$66 billion in IT projects.[1]

The Chatspace virtual Project Portfolio Management will be launched in September this year and is an AI solution built to scale, securely in the cloud or on-premise, which ensures more successful outcomes of IT projects and frees up teams to focus more on customers, creativity and new opportunities. 

“With this new product, Chatspace does the heavy lifting,” says John Clancy, CEO and Founder. “It virtually accompanies your project managers to automate the mundane parts of the job, monitor group sentiment and keep your team engaged and connected. Additionally it proactively alerts senior management to problems before they happen ensuring successful project outcomes.”

Founded in 2017, Chatspace has successfully delivered AI projects to some of the world’s largest companies like Nestlé, Medtronic and Atos.

“Chatspace represents a new paradigm in Enterprise project management. To Atos, it has meant increased efficiency, and critically it is helping to shift the focus to what’s most important, our clients” says Marcus Valente - Head of Operations, CEE at Atos May 2020.

Chatspace is featuring this week as a Startup Spotlight at Collision 2020.


[1] McKinsey Oxford Reference Class Forecasting for IT Projects Study

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