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Charity Celebrates Record Homings

Press Release: March 29, 2010

A national dog charity has revealed record homings for 2009 with 4,700 dogs going to loving homes. Despite the economic climate the Retired Greyhound Trust homed 200 more dogs in 2009 than in 2008.
Retired Greyhound Trust director Ivor Stocker said 2009 had been a huge success for the Trust: "Despite the recession, people across the UK were digging deep and helping us to find homes for retiring dogs. Greyhounds are unique and this really goes to show that the messages are getting through and greyhounds are now being considered as a breed of choice.

"It is really good to see that the people are looking to help a charity such as the Retired Greyhound Trust rather than going for the cuddly puppy option. The dogs we have in kennels across the country undergo a transformation when they leave the track. They turn from speed machines to docile couch potatoes who like nothing more than to loll around and get fussed. All they want is a loving family or owner to look after them.

"Greyhounds make great pets. Greyhounds are loving, loyal and contrary to popular belief, many greyhounds get on well with other pets, including other dogs and cats.

"More and more retired couples and older people who are on their own are taking on retired greyhounds as their companions. The fact that they only require two twenty minute walks a day suits many people who really want a family pet or a companion, but their circumstances mean they cant get out for long walks several times a day."

Ivor Stocker added: "We have more than 70 branches across the country who have dogs that need homing. Our volunteers are very experienced at ensuring that the right dog goes with the right family. So we can effectively provide you with a tailor-made pet whose personality suits yours and your lifestyle.

"Most greyhounds are aged around three or four when they retire. This means that after their racing careers, thousands of greyhounds are looking for loving homes to spend the next ten years."

If you can't adopt a greyhound then you could help by volunteering to take part in fundraising activity, leaving a legacy for the Retired Greyhound Trust Charity No. 269668 or greyhounds in kennels can also be sponsored for as little as £5 a month.

To find out more about the Retired Greyhound Trust, call the head office and they will put you in touch with your local branch, tel: 0844 826 8424 or log on to www.retiredgreyhounds.co.uk

For further media information, photographs or interviews please contact:
Helen Barklam in the Retired Greyhound Trust communications team, tel: 01772 316924 or 07917 148900.

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