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Charging No Longer A Boating Problem

Press Release: February 12, 2010

As many as 1 in 5 boat owners have to unnecessarily replace their lead-acid batteries due to improper charging an expensive problem that affects thousands every year according to BatteryChargerStore.co.uk, which offers a range of award-winning battery care products covering cars, boats, motorcycles and other vehicles.

More batteries are damaged and prone to premature failure due to improper charging and overcharging than by any other means. To avoid this many individuals opt for a higher charging voltage, which accelerates the rate of charge but can ultimately harm the battery if the charge is continued for any length of time after the battery reaches capacity.

The CTEK range of Marine Smart Battery Chargers offered by Batterychargerstore.co.uk will dispel of the all too frequent problem of over and indeed under charging boat batteries through the use of specialist, patented technology.

A smart charger can also be left attached to the battery indefinitely; once the charging process is complete, the charger automatically stops and thereafter analyses the voltage level of the battery continuously, topping up levels only when needed. This means that overcharging is avoided and that the battery is charged to its maximum potential and ready for use at any point subsequently.

A spokesman for Batterychargerstore.co.uk commented:

To protect from overheating, the CTEK marine chargers are fitted with a temperature compensator which reduces the power output when the ambient temperature increases and also if the charger were to be covered, protecting the chargers from damage - the charger continues to work, but at a lower output.

Batterychargerstore.co.uk is a brand new website, providing resources for consumers looking to find out more about battery care. The website is host to the entire range of car, boat and motorcycle battery charger models produced by CTEK, a leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries.

For more information or to order one of the CTEK range of smart chargers, please visit batterychargerstore.co.uk or call 0844 815 3600 to place an order.

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