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ChargeShare and Fēnix Power form an integrated partnership

Press Release: March 11, 2019

March 11, 2019

Fēnix Power and ChargeShare effective immediately have agreed to a vertically integrated partnership to meet the needs of present and future customers. ChargeShare is a cutting-edge electric vehicle charging network business with a first-of-its-kind crowdfunding platform enables EV and non-EV owners alike to be part of the electric vehicle revolution and profit from its success. Their existing and future charging network powered by renewable energy, technological advancements, and crowdfunding platform make them an ideal partner for Fēnix Power.

Fēnix and ChargeShare are working towards an integrated platform in which electric vehicle owners will be able to drive coast to coast using high-speed fast chargers powered by renewable energy and allow owners more control of their energy and storage needs. This network will be reliably powered by a robust micro-grid setup strong enough to withstand any environment. It is through this setup that customers will be able to confidently travel between destinations and beyond. It is in ChargeShare and Fēnix’s collective goal to provide reliable and affordable products that will promote a sustainable future for all. We believe that through this partnership, electric vehicle ownership will become an easy decision and life choice. We look forward to sharing more progress about this partnership soon.

For more information on ChargeShare and Fēnix’s partnership, please visit https://chargesharenetwork.com and https://fenix.systems.

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