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Change a Child's Life Through Child Sponsorship

Press Release: February 02, 2019

Change a Child's Life Through Child Sponsorship

Miss Universe Catriona Gray was right when she said that life in the slums of Manila is poor and very sad. What if we tell you that there IS a silver lining? That there's hope and you could give something? And that we could have a place where children will have a smile on their faces?

Child Sponsorship brings joy

Child sponsorship is helping a child in need. When you sponsor a child, you bring them joy by helping provide life-changing essentials like education, clean water, health and nutrition and more while you build relationship with the child through letters, photos, and updates. The goal is to help your sponsored child and his family break free from poverty and build a sustainable community.

Why sponsor a child through World Vision?
World Vision is a Christian, child-focused organization which uses community-based programs as an approach. Sponsoring a child through World Vision means helping find long-term solutions to promote sustainability rather than sending out short-term aids.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
Child sponsorship with World Vision in the Philippines only costs Php25 a day or Php750 per month. With that amount, you help lift up both your sponsored child and his/her entire community rise above poverty.

What do I get when I sponsor a child?
We know that your help brings so much joy to the children in need. But has it ever crossed your mind the things that you can get in return? We name some of the priceless joys you are about to get as a sponsor:
• The joy of getting to know more about the child you are helping through the welcome kit and the sponsorship portal. As you go along your sponsorship journey, you will be provided with several information and updates about your sponsored child through online and offline platforms.
• The joy of witnessing the child's milestones through the annual progress report. This report will be sent starting on your second year of sponsorship, it will connect you to your child's real world and gives you an overview on how your help creates an impact.
• The joy of exchanging letters with the child you are supporting and the excitement of sharing his/her story to your family and friends.
• The joy of seeing your sponsored child for the first time. Through programs like Lakbay-Pagasa or sponsor's visits, we can arrange your meet-up with your sponsored child. Nothing beats meeting your sponsored child in person and hearing him/her say THANK YOU with a smile!
Start your sponsorship journey today at https://wvph.co/6000joys

About World Vision Development Foundation Inc.
World Vision is a global humanitarian organization devoted to improving the lives of families and communities to overcome poverty. World Vision is a thread that brings people together, enabling Filipinos to build a better world for children.
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